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Draw and Inject w/ Same Pin?


Hey guys just a quick ques regarding injecting.When drawing from the vail is it ok to use the same pin to inject into urself.If the vial is cleaned b4 hand.



It's ok, in sort of the same way it's ok to have unprotected sex with a stripper. If she tells you she is clean b4 hand.


I dont like this method personally, I find the pin gets dulled out when it is used to draw from the vial


Every time you pierce some thing with that needle it gets more dull, some thing to think about when you are about to pierce your skin with it. want it nice and sharp so it goes in as smooth as possible...


It will not hurt you as long as the vial is cleaned, however it will dull your tip. Usually you will draw with a larger gauge tip and then switch to a smaller gauge to inject. This makes drawing easier and gives you a sharper needle to inject with, without any worries in regards to sterile needles.


It doesn't matter unless you're a pussy for pain.


I've done it a bunch of times with a 22 gauge. Thats was before they were available on the internet, so pins weren't as easy to come by. In fact, I've reused the same pin several times, with proper sterilization of coarse. Sucked when they got dull. No need to do that with so much availability now.


my personal rule of thumb is if im only poking into the bottle once then i use the same tip but if im mixing shots or anything where i have to poke more, then the tip gets too dull and i prefer to switch, needles are pretty cheap anyway so do yourself a favor.


Conrtl rules! I never switch pins.


I didnt swap the pin once and my leg fell off. But the chicks love it. Nothing gets attention like a festering stump. No seriously its fine jus dont go sneezing on it or dropping it or summat equally as dim.


Some girls like to ride stump. Especially with some femur sticking out:D


I always switch pins. Pins come cheap and I would rather take 5 seconds to switch a pin and avoid going to great lengths to treat infection later on. Except of course when you use slin pins, as the pins arent changeable. As far as the dulling factor, I have never really noticed a difference as I push quickly through the skin.


I never switch pins. Be sure to use an alcohol prep to swab the top of the vial. True, the tip does get dulled somewhat penetrating the rubber top (I remember seeing some enlarged close-up photos that demonstrated that) but, I've never had a problem. But, I don't go larger than a 25G, perhaps the dulling effect is more evident with a larger gauge.


Ive always drawn with a 20 and shot with a 25. That is with test enan, which is oil based though, and I found it rather hard to draw with the 25. Costs you a few extra dollars, but worth it as far as ease of use is concerned.


With insulin pins that are permanently attached to the syringe, I draw and inject with the same pin. You could backload the syringe to avoid this, but to me it's much more bother than it's worth. I use this method for injections up to 1.0cc.

With larger volume injections I draw with a 20g and inject with a 25g.

Terumo pins use a softer stainless steel than other brands such as BD, so they dull faster when piercing the rubber stopper. I don't know if this actually makes a noticable difference in practice.



I never switch....I just take the shot no pain......just keep it clean.......


pins are so cheap and easy to get you might as well switch needles just as a precaution. It's like with engines and oil changes, you can supposedly go 6 -10 thousand miles on one oil change, but new oil is much cheaper than a new engine, so you might as well change it more often.


As far as the needle becoming dull from penetrating the stopper, I've tried it both ways (switching and using the same pin) and found no noticeable difference in pain, ease of injection, soreness, etc. I've only used 23g so obviously I can't speak for other gauges.