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Drastic Drop in SHBG from CDG?

Pre TRT my SHBG was 45.

During TRT, while using lisinopril, it got up to 70.

Stopped Lisinopril, SHBG dropped back into the 50 range.

Was tested on December 3rd and my SHBG was 54. (this was after being in high TT range of 1200-1400) So it seems that the high TT didn’t really budge it (which I was hoping for)

I readjusted my TT dose to bring me back into the 600-700 range for lab draw, that included SHBG.

Tested again on December 18th and this time around it tested at 37… Huge improvement for me.

My only change was Calcium D Glucarate, at 500mg twice a day.

During the timeframe that my TT was in the 1200 range, my e2 got up to 32, which isn’t that bad, but I don’t believe my SHBG followed it. I will post up my e2 lab that I got with the 37 SHBG. However, even when my e2 was in the 17 range, my SHBG was still high.

I have another test in February, and hopefully my SHBG will stay put or go down slightly more. Will update.

Please do post E2 labs for your 37 SHBG because I just started Calcium D Glucarate 500mg twice a day and the last thing I want to do is crash my E2 and SHBG.

Roger that, im actually waiting on that right now… Will post.

My labs came back at

TT 687
E2 29

So it doesn’t appear that it had much of an effect on my E2. But also, my e2 may have increased because my SHBG went down. It didn’t tank my e2 though, and I also dropped dose. Hope that helps.