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Drastic Changes in Water Weight

Hey y’all, just a quick question about water weight. I read the build and burn article on here a couple months back, and figured I’d give it a try for 6 months. It’s essentially just a 6 week bulk followed by a 2 week cut, so that means I’d go through 3 cycles.

Well I just started my second bulk, and I noticed that on my cut I dropped like 7 pounds in my first week (I’m assuming the majority of this was water weight). Then the weight loss stalled in the second week. Then when I started bulking again it all in a couple of days, plus a little bit.

I’ve felt a little bloated and overall just kinda soft feeling around the abdominal region since I started my second bulk and was just wondering if this is normal.

Thanks in advance.

Did this bloated period coincide with your menstrual cycle? Sometimes it’s just the monthly changes in your body. It’s normal.

What’s the point of keeping the cycles so short? Bulking for 5 months, cutting for one month or something along those lines would probably work better.