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Dramatic Thread Titles


Is there anything funnier than the dramatic thread titles in the V-Diet forum?


Like what? You're assuming we have as much time to waist in the V-Diet forum as you (see what I did?!?) Just because the soon to be ex-chubboes over there have zero self-confidence, post pics and are easy online sex-partners doesn't mean we're spending our time checking them out.


I don't know how many times I read this thread title before I didn't see "Dramatic Thread Titties"


How about seeing someone fall down? Watch face expression...


That anteater's pretty funny.


We have a V-Diet forum?


4chan at it's greatest.


dude, that's awesome lol.


It's a good thing she's fat.


I LOLED harrrrddd at the gf's house. She got so pissed. I'm going to hell.