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Drama on EliteFTS

I don’t have any idea what is going on down in South Carolina, but it doesnt seem like Marc Bartley and Mike Johnston are joking …

"I really don’t know what else to say except to paraphrase another sea story; the albatross has fallen from around my neck. I don’t see the need to waste the mental energy on the boorish and insignificant ramblings of the henpecked, so I guess I’ll just quote House of Pain:

“You blame yourself, now your pointing fingers about how I robbed and raped you, bruised and scraped you. But, those are just lies, cause in your eyes you’ve been victimized. That’s how you size it up. You disguise it up to try and make it look real to cover up the low self-esteem you feel. Introspection and afterthought; swimming in guilt is you favorite sport. But, now your caught up in the undertow. You never knew a man could sink so low.”"



Before you go, I spoke with your immediate supervisor, God, and he said stop quoting dead people. He said just because you played Dungeons & Dragons, watched Braveheart and can repeat verbatium like a court clerk that it doesn’t give you the right to use their words that they earned with their blood,sweat, tears and pain. Being profound and enlightend means living by your own words, deeds and most importantly doing the right thing. He also told me to let it go and forgive you because right now you can’t help yourself and I agreed. He said I have to say it out loud.So: “Mikey, I forgive you.” "


“Spud: Uh…okay. But, for the record I never played Dungeons and Dragons, but I did see Braveheart. “Uncompromising men are easy to admire, but it is our very ability to compromise which makes us noble.” Good luck on your island.”


I am VERY surprised that Dave is letting this play out on his website. I know they joke around a lot but it’s always professional. Dunno… just surprised is all, not for me to question.

I also hope nobody thinks this is dick of me to post this. I’ll edit it and delte it if it is. I just figure they’re posting it on a public internet forum, so they obviously dont care who sees it. I’m curious not only as to what’s going on, but WHY theyre doing it in public and why Dave is letting them. Just bored at work I guess…

It’s probably no different than the jabs that TC, Tim Patterson, and Chris Shugart take at each other on this site.

Half the stuff my friends and I say to each other would look like drama when it’s printed in type.

I don’t think Dave reads all the logs. They just post in their logs without being read by anyone beforehand, I’m pretty sure.

I think Bartley’s shit is great and I get a laugh out of it.

[quote]bigg mike wrote:
I think Bartley’s shit is great and I get a laugh out of it. [/quote]

Bartley is hilarious. It’s more of a “check out this fucked up shit…” log than a training log.

I think some of the back and forth has been deleted on their most recent logs. I have trained with both of these men, but currently only train with one of them (Marc). They had a parting of ways and started taking shots at each other on their logs. This goes back to late March. There are some obvious jokes as well as some inside ones for those that know them. Hopefully it is over. I think the finest work was Marc’s story about Captain Ahab (Ahab = Mike, Moby = Donnie), but beyond that, I don’t want to pick sides. I’m sure they both of their story about what happened to cause the rift.


I always find alot of Marc’s post too long to read and just skim… Maybe I should start reading them… LOL