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Dragonball Z

Mufasa’s “guilty admission” made me think of how I’ve recently started watchin Dragonball Z. I swear, it’s just like a soap opera, with each episode continuing to the next, and it sucked me right in. Actually, I think it might make a pretty cool live action movie. Anyone else watch DBZ?

I used to watch this show as a kid, but I don’t have any patience for it any more. Leave it to the kiddies to watch it. It’s better than most kid’s shows though - I admit it does kind of promote the t-lifestyle. Training and health combined with self sacrifice to promote good.

Yes, I watch it, great show.

DBZ rocks.

I have not watched DBZ much, but I used to watch Sailor Moon when it was on cable. Also enjoyed Magical Project S and Fushigi Yugi too.

Yeah I’m into anime kinda, so DragonBall Z was my introduction to the batardization that happens when anime goes main stream. Do yourself a favor and watch the movies, not only is the animation better but so are the fights. I’ve heard rumors that they are working on living action adaption but after seeing Teken’s adaption i can only hope this never happens.
As far as the characters go I can’t get enuff of Vegetta or future Trunks.

There are movies? Where did you see those?

There are 8 movies, I believe. You can download them or buy them online. They’ve shown a couple on the Cartoon Network, as well.

DBZ gets 1/2 hour of my day five days a week. I kid you not, at my last fight, when I was looking at my opponent across the cage, all I had in mind was Goku’s badass visage after going SSJ 3. I just got VCDs of the last episodes (fan subbed) of DBZ and the entire DBGT series. I can’t wait until they get here.

Actually there’s upwards of 14 or more movies from the Z series. Sad as it may be true, the movies are more better in terms of animation, fight sequences and storyline than the actual series. But it hasn’t always been this way. I’d recommend checking out the more recent ones as the entertainment factor is just plain better.

I watch DBZ also. When ever I can. I like the show alot. ITs the only show where 2 guys fight and they waste a 30 min episode just powering up and throwing a single punch lol. I love the show I love the fights but I find it so funny how it takes a good session to fight one guy. But its great the way they do it and how they power up.

Mawtchinbo (sp?) fight has been going on for a good 2 months now on the cartoon network and there just warming up lol.

Has anyone ever watch COWBOY BEBOP??? That is also a great show. Just spectacular.

I’m getting into anime more and more… I used to watch DBZ, but stopped after the Cell saga. The Street Fighter Alpha movie is sooooo dope, and I catch Outlaw Star whenever I can. I wanna get Netflix so I can just go crazy watching anime stuff.

Is Street Fighter Alpha the one where Chun Li fights Vega in her room (and kicks him out a wall)? If so, that movie gets my all time “thumbs up” for an awesome fight scene. Oh yeah, that song being played during the fight is called “Ultra” by KMFDM.

If you guys like DBZ at all go to your local Blockbuster to the anime section and pick up Ninja Scroll on DVD or VHS. You’ll know why after you watch it.

Ninja Scroll isn’t as good as you’re making it out to be but if you enjoy over the top animated violence I’d give it a go. The debreifing scene for kigaro is kinda funny too…
As for the DBZ movies, they expose the plot holes of the franchise, the most glaring being the SSJ transformations, and without going into more detail to sound like a loser there are about 12 videos and one GT video(it’s horrible avoid it like the plague)
The ones the cartoon network airs are the english dubs, but the better ones are subtitled and add extra bits to the story. If you can’t find them just search Kaaza or other file sharing programs for them.
As for another cool series, Neon Genesis or Record of Lodoss War.

El, I think you’re talking about the original animated movie… Alpha (or Zero) is the sequel and is worth a look for the following three reasons:

1. Dan gets his ass beat in both of his scenes.

2. Most scenes either start or end on Chun Li’s crotch.

3. AKUMA!!!

I got the movie of Kazaa, so it should still be available. Oh and thanks for the name of that song! That scene was awesome and I never bothered to look for it, like I vowed I would while watching it. I’ll check out a few of these flicks when I get out to Blockbuster’s.

Hmmm…I should check out the series. As a kid in the 1980’s I LOVED Robotron, it was such a cartoon soap opera, and I appreciated it because it was the only cartoon (at least at the time) where people actually got killed, as opposed to GI Joe where in every single battle people parachuted out of their destroyed planes or just surrendered when the shit hit the fan.

Animes should never be made live action (see Fist of the North Star). I kinda like DBZ. I was first introduced to the Japanese versions. Lots better than the english versions. And the episodes take too long. I’ve had cable for six weeks and they have been fighting Majin Buu for the whole time.

Yeah I’ve watched it. I know it’s about the supidest show ever but I still like it for some reason. Every show is the same they try to shock you with some character’s powerlevel. Which is pretty insane because Vegeta had the power to destroy a planet when he first appeared and now he’s way more powerful than that. LOL. :slight_smile: