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Dragon Wars


My 11 year-old wants me to take him to this movie. Have any of you seen it? How painful will this be for me? (Note: this is definitely in the correct forum insofar as I need to get a life.)


I haven't seen it, but I can tell it's going to be pretty painful. Here's the info off imdb.com:


Yeah, thanks. I like where the reviewer said it doesn't matter where you're from, this movie bombs. Nice.


Well i'm looking forward to seeing it. Guess i'll be the only one. HAHA!


You wont be the only one looking forward to it. I got very excited when I saw the trailer. Film snob, I am not. I wanna see some shit get blown up.


Take a date. That way if the movie sucks too bad, you'll at least have an empty theater to yourselves.


I saw a trailer for it last night and I thought it was one of those Sci Fi Channel movies.


We just saw it. It wasn't too painful (cf. Shark Boy and Lava Girl). Kind of cool CGI destruction. Transformer'esk dialogue and plot.