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My name is Mainy aka Dragon Lady aka Frenchie and I have an addicition. I’m addicted to the white powder. I love it smeared in my hair, caked in my hands and hiding under my finger nails. I love to wear it like a badge of honor on my black pants.

I’m addicted to the bite of a gnarly bar; the toughened hands, the bloody shins. I love to scowl and growl and perhaps even throw the occasional hint of a smile to those who pass through my dungeon. I need to feel the rush of blood to my head, to push my limits and cross the line regularly. I must dance a little with this side of myself to release the pressure. I dance until my legs are shaking and the sweat is gathered in the valley of my back. I lift until the dragon has exhaled every last breath upon my neck and is once again ready to curl and sleep in the back of my mind.

I lift to feel alive and strong and happy.

When you learn to lift for yourself, you can lift the world.


Stats beacause it’s part of the game:
5’5, averaging 160lbs these days

current maxes:
squat 225lbs x2
bench 155lbs
deadlift 305lbs

squat 240 or 1.5 bodyweight. Mostly I want to rep 225 like I own it.
bench: 160 or bodyweight
deadlift: 315, maybe for reps.

link to old log:

Vacation is over. Back at it.

Sheiko Week 2, Day 2.

Deadlift pause at the knees:
160 1x4
190 2x4
220 4x4 - I still dislike these and starting with this crap after my vacation was no bueno.

85 1x5
100 2x5
115 5x4

160 1x5
190 1x4
220 2x3
240 5x3

Split squats cleaned from floor:
preloaded bar 70lbs 5x5

Facepulls: 75lbs 5x10 - added 5lbs.

2.5 hrs. still nutters.

Jeeesus. Strong lady is strong. I’m in!!!

[quote]Dasher wrote:
Jeeesus. Strong lady is strong. I’m in!!![/quote]

woohoo I snagged me a Dasher :wink:

You had me at hello

THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK. And sweat sheiko :slight_smile: Dl’s to knees kinda make me on high alert for sharts.



I missed you!

Glad you are back and with a brand spankin new log!

I must steal your deadlift :stuck_out_tongue:

My morning routine of log creep-age will finally start to feel normal again. :slight_smile:

Yaaaay! Frenchie! :slight_smile:

Welcome back Frenchie!

Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. Yay for you!

Lot of new logs, lately - don’t think this one escaped my notice.
Glad you had a good holiday. Top photo is fantastic!

nice work frenchi

and welcome back dragon lady!!

Love the intro! Beauty + strength + wit + a-hole-lotta-other-good-stuff = Frenchie!


Welcome back Frenchie!

I wanted to tell you your pictures and trip looked beautiful, but I was too scared to close out the last log accidentally.

Excited to follow along as you smash through those goals.

Those deadlift to knees are the one reason I haven’t given Sheiko a try. It just sounds silly and like a good way for me to eff myself up.

yay, new log to lurk in, welcome back Dragon Lady

Brute - I know!!! lol I was totally focusing on that last night. Glad I’m not the only one.

Hallowed - ;X

Ronda - you better do it soon before I hit my 315.

Spock - I’m all about the creepage.

BG - It’s people like you that makes me want to be back.

2Busy - Merci

Cal - Thanks, and always happy to see your face in here.

Kev - I’d have stayed to dive a little longer but well c’est la vie. I must say the sheer volume and ass cracking of Sheiko upped my diving game. After 50 minutes I still had 1000-1100 psi in my tank when the group was averaging 750. i could have stayed down there forever!

MT - damn now I’m blushing.

Mim - Bonjour!

Lula - closing a log is not bad manners. We just move right along to the next one.

Joe - There are a few reasons why I don’t do certain exercise 1- they are too easy. I don’t feel them such as curls with 10lbs dumbbells. 2- the risk of injury is high (behind the neck stuff). The point of these pauses is to stop your momentum. Are they tough? hell yes. Have I been hurt so far nope. And if you read the numbers I only hit 65% of my max. Would I do them all the time? nope. But they do help to grow dem balls. However if someone had some sort of back issue I would really think these through.

LilP - woot! your presence is a good omen.