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Dragon Flag

Does anyone know how to perform this Ab exercise? I don’t have $30 to drop for Pavel’s ab book. Oh, and that Hanging Circumduction exercise in a recent issue of T-mag is a bitch. Anyone else give it a shot? I couldn’t even get one…

Chris Shugart? Anybody?

That’s a tough one to explain without a pic. I’ll try. Lie on a flat bench on your back. Reach back with your hands and hold on to the bench, elbows pointing straight up. Stick your feet, ass, and upper body in the air. About the only thing left on the bench is your upper back and shoulders. Now you’re in the start position. Now lower your feet slowy towards the floor while keeping the back mostly flat with only a little arch. Keep your legs, butt and most of your back off the bench. Really stay tight during the movement. You can end the rep here when doing a negative-only movement. If you’re advanced, then you can pause at the bottom, keeping all the tension on, and pull your feet back up to the starting position. Hope that helps.

Helps a lot, actually. Thanks, Chris.