Dragon Door Shipping

How long does it take to receive a kettlebell order from Dragon Door? I’m very impatient.

Wacky idea: ask Dragon Door.

It just says standard UPS ground… I just figured since you guys use them, someone might be able to answer really quick. Thanks, though Davo

Got both Chuck (1 Pood) and Big Don (2 Pood) within 2 weeks respectively. DD rocks.

MBE: “K-Bell ballbuster since 1445.”


Thanks, bud. I’ve been swinging these dumbbells around for too long. I have a feeling I’m missing out w/o the kettlebells. I’ve never really ordered anything over the internet that weighs that much… I wasn’t sure if there was a longer wait for shipping. Can’t wait til it gets here!

If they ship via UPS, go to www.ups.com and there is a way to calculate Transit Time between the originating address and the destination. I kid you not :slight_smile:

My Kettlebell came pretty quickly; I forget exactly what it was but it wasn’t much more than a week from what I remember.