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Dragon burps

Defined as smoke actually coming out of the mouth approximately 5 minutes after ingesting 3 caps of Tribex. A horrible herbal after taste is common.

This happened to me last night. Usually I just get the taste of the burp but this time actual smoke came out of my mouth that I could see.

That’s happened to me once or twice before. Although Biotest now recommends that you take Tribex on an empty stomach, that wasn’t the case to begin with. I always take mine with food (at or near the beginning of the meal) and I’ve found that while it doesn’t impact the efficacity of the supp at all, it does make the burps far more tolerable.

Still, sounds like you’ve got one for the Testasaurus there…

I’ve found that if I drink plenty of water with the pills, the problem goes away.

This happened to me after consuming 3 caps + 1 vitex. I was at the dinner table with my parents…