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Dragon Boat Racing

Went dragon boat racing on the weekend in Woodstock,Ontario. What a blast. Very well run.

It’s harder than it looks as far as keeping a good rythem. Talk about team work. Five hundred meters was a little short imo. I was gassed at the end but would have liked another two fiftey to wear another team down and really push the last one hundred…three races and I think I’m an expert lol.

The steersman offered me a spot on his team for the remainder of the year but it’s at a town almost an hour away and there is a lake(Fanshawe lake) right across the road from me. They offer classes at the London Rowing Club there for skulling boats. I think thats what the’re called but not sure what the learning curve is on those type of boats.

Anyone else do either type of racing in south western ontario or anywhere for that matter?