your post about clomid is a bit incorrect. the REASON why clomid is so effective and MORE effective than nolvadex is this: clomid blocks estrogen at the hypothalamus and the brain now senses that estrogen levels are too low. in its never ending quest to maintain a normal hormonal balance,the brain sends a signal to produce estrogen the only way it knows how(in a male); and thats to produce more lh/testosterone. testosterone converts to estrogen obviously and when clomid attaches to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus,it fools the body into producing more testosterone. its that simple. nolvadex does not exert the same or as good an effect on the hypothalamus,it is much more breast tissue specific. there is a reason why clomid is used for ovulation and nolvadex is not.after 2 weeks of clomid therapy(after being clean for a year,my test levels went from 305 to 651 in two weeks with just 50mgs perday. after a month of doing nothing,i used nolvadex for 2 weeks and my levels were at 325 after 2 weeks. clomid is the obvious choice.

that was a well researched and thought out answer. good job bro. the only thing i wasnt wrong about anything. i stated the same thing though not in as much depth. i stated that clomid doesnt stimulate anything in terms of endo test recovery. it simply occupies the ER at the HPTA. since estro can no longer bind to the ER, that is now occupied by the clomid, then it(HPTA) can begin recovery.

Maxim: Thanks for adding your input to this discussion. It always is good when someone can articulate theory and then back it up with real-world results.

maaaaaaaaan, just when I thought I fuckin know the deal. You ask 20 different people and you will get 20 different answers.

Well, everyone is saying the same thing actually… drago says that estrogen is displaced in the pituitary by clomid binding in receptor sites… the reason this works is what mxim says. The body “detects” a low estrogen level just because there is not nearly enough binding to the pituitary. It’s all quite clear really, I don’t understand why everyone is questioning each other.

in conclusion:

a-dex- .5 eod

nolva- on hand

clomid- post cycle

whoda thunk it?

squatty. agreed