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DragnCarry's Accountability Log

I’ve decided to start a log. Not because I really care exactly what I did in the past (I already know when I’m eating too much or exercising too little), but to make myself more accountable.

If no-one reads this it doesn’t matter. It is “out there” and I will know that.

Do I have time to maintain a log? Perhaps this is the wrong question? “Will keeping a log make my body composition journey more efficient?” - I think the answer is yes, so I will find time to update this log although I don’t plan to put every little detail in it - some photos, some measurements, some poundages, my recent best day of eating and my recent worst day of eating.

Right now I’ve got “moobs” and a “beer gut”. I want those gone, and I want to compete in a powerlifting comp in November in the 90kg class (currently 94.5kg, so not too difficult, except I want the moobs and beer gut gone).

Stats to follow…

Best of luck to you. Here’s some motivation.

Apologies for using the metric system -

Current stats -

Height: 180cm
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Weight: 94.5kg
Waist: 36" pants, 38.75" using Myotape
Bench: 105kg
Squat: 155kg
Deadlift: 160kg

Around September last year I was 105kg and wore 40" pants, however my age was slightly better!

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
Best of luck to you. Here’s some motivation.[/quote]

Thanks mate!

Training log:

Right now I’m a bit beat up but recovering. My upper back and neck is tight, and my biceps and forearms kill me if I try to use them. I’m using massage and rest to remedy those problems.

My knees are a bit beat up, but I think they are just adapting to higher volume squatting and my faster sprinting while playing Touch Football. They are feeling better this week.

As such, this is not even close to what I normally do:

Mon am: Chest Press (machine) 3x drop-sets, 3-5x100kg immediately followed by 6-8x75kg, followed by 10-12x50kg
Decline Bench, 3 x 8-10x60kg
Skull-crushers (to neck, not forehead) 3x drop-sets, 8-10x33kg followed by 8-10x28kg (felt light, but forearms were complaining)
Cable-pushdowns 3 x 6-10x41kg, drop-set on the last two sets

10 mins sauna, 2 min cold shower, 5 min sauna, 2 min cold shower

  • if anyone can comment on the sauna recovery it would be good, like, is 2 min cold shower enough?

Mon pm: Touch Football, we had 3 subs but it was a fast game

Tues: baby daughter kept me awake for 2 hours in night, have a cold, slept-in figuring sleep was better than exercise right now. Ate crap on weekend so feeling a bit guilty about this, even though it was probably good judgement to sleep in this morning considering my health right now.

Sick… daughter slept through but dogs must have eaten something a bit too ripe and wanted to be let out at 3am, couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour. Decided to skip training again.

Plan is to eat less than 40gm carbs today, started OK with 1 cup Kefir and shake with 45gm protein and 100ml milk. Got to work and realised I’m out of protein supplement, but I do have tons of canned fish, cottage cheese and nuts.

Man, after reading CTs article on DLs I’m itching to get back into DLs - the mind is willing but the flesh is weak! I can’t do anything that involves my biceps or upper back right now, not even squats. I even did hamstring curls last week! I haven’t done those since I last worked out with a body-builder 18 months ago.

The good news is I have plenty of time to work my abs, I can just manage standing cable-crunches if I do 8-12 rep sets. I can also do pressing and tricep-dominant movements.

I must, must, must learn how to stretch my biceps and forearms properly. The physio showed me some stretches but I feel like my elbows are being hyper-extended doing them so I suspect I’m not quite getting them right.

I have a new exercise “wish list” for when my arms recover:

  • Snatch Pulls, will allow me to use more weight safely than snatches. Hope to bring up rear delts, traps and calves with this one, plus assistance for posterior chain.

  • Low-Pulley Scarecrows, again, rear-delts and upper back. I will alternate this exercise with band pull-aparts.

  • Dumbell Cuban Presses, I really need to build my shoulders, this one looks like a beauty

Feeling better this morning, daughter and dogs slept through, daughter still asleep when I got home and wife had hot bowl of porridge sitting on table.

Arms are feeling MUCH better.

Managed to go full day on less than 40gm carbs yesterday, but didn’t eat enough protein.

Front squats:
30sec rest
5 x Deep Box Jumps
1 min rest
5 x Deep Box Jumps
4 x 5x70kg (box jumps between all sets)

front squats didn’t aggravate my upper back at all, good to know. Felt a bit tight at top of quads.

CV cable deadlifts:
2 x 15 with stack (I think 48kg, very light, just wanted to wake my glutes up a bit and test my arms)

Good Mornings:
Low bar position, 2 sets 8 x 60kg, 3 sets 8 x 82.5kg, didn’t go too deep in last set, back feeling a little taxed

Hamstring Curls: 3 sets 8 x 50kg alternated with 30sec rest then sets of 8 unweighted dips (just to get metabolism up and some blood into arms, shoulders and chest)

Hammer Iso Leg Press:
2 sets 8 x 200kg 90sec rest, didn’t like feeling in knees
1 set “calf-raises” 10 x 200kg

Lots of stretching inc dead hangs from chin bar. Started to incorporate outer hip stretches, leg crossed in seated position. Also 20 x dislocates

Wife bought 2 pieces of cake home, ate them for morning tea rather than risk having them around the house. If this isn’t my worst day of diet this week then I vow to take an aerobics class as my punishment, if my worst day is really bad I’ll wear a leotard.

Noticed that I forgot to do abs, should have plenty of time tomorrow as my upper body session won’t be much.

Took the “smorgasbord” approach to my upper body workout today. I don’t normally “workout”, I normally train, but I’m just trying to get a feel for what my arms and upper back can do right now without taking a backwards step.

Scap pushups 2 x 15 alternated with
Scap fatman pullups 2 x 15

Face pulls 2 x 15 with stack (no idea, not heavy) alternated with
Tricep Pushdowns 2 x 15 with stack

Chest-Supported Rows alternated with speed push-ups
8 x 90kg
5 x 100kg drop-set to 5 x 70kg
5 x 100kg drop-set to 6 x 70kg > 10 x 50kg
(kept changing grip at drops)

Flat Bench
3 x 5 x 80kg 1 min rest

Close-grip Bench
2 x 6 x 70kg 1 min rest

Military Press
2 x 6 x 40kg, tried 60kg and 50kg but my biceps ached too much when in clean position

Tried weighted but forearms couldn’t take 15kg or 10kg, opted for 2 x 6 x bodyweight

4 x 8x15kg
2 x 15kg to failure (13 or 14)
NB: if going to failure on plate raises, make sure you have full control of the plate on the way back down or sterility may result

Lots of stretching, then more stretching.

Sports massage tonight with ex-panel beater - I find that ironic.

Very small muesli with yoghurt for breakfast, keeping carbs low today, <60gm target. Need some for my legs which are surprisingly sore after yesterday’s efforts.

Ate like a horse most of the weekend, scales reckoned I put on a kilo. Still have this head-cold.

Cold has gone to my chest and brought on asthmatic bronchitis. On the face of it it might have seemed like a bad idea to go and play Touch Football last night in the middle of winter - but then I wouldn’t have scored my first try! Totally worth the wheezing and coughing later that night.

Decided to sleep in, which is pretty much been my pattern since starting this log (and not something I’ve done in the last 7 or 8 years).

Great diet yesterday, very few carbs, very few calories, moderate protein, everything well timed.

Feeling a little better today, did some proper training.

Push-ups 1 x 15
Scap Push-ups 1 x 12

Flat bench, pinky on rings, 2-3 min rest between work sets
3 x 80kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 80kg
1 x 90kg + 10kg chain
2x 1 x 95kg + 10kg chain
2x 1 x 97.5kg + 10kg chain
1 x 90kg + 10kg chain

Medium grip bench, hands on knurling
3 x 12 x 60kg + 10kg chain

Bent-over Barbell Rows
3 x 9x60kg (going easy on arms, changed up grip)

Dumbell Shoulder Press
Yuck, left shoulder not feeling good, cut short

Cuban Press
10lb, not sure how many reps, have to look this one up, but my lat delts felt tired

Plate Raises
2 sets to failure with 15kg plate, must see through hole in plate in mirror, about 12-15 reps/set

Cable Pushdowns w/small band
12 x 36kg + band
10 x 39kg + band
6 x 41kg + band, dropset to 6x33kg + band
90sec rest between sets

Lots of upper body stretch, really got a good stretch hanging from bar

Had some fresh cantaloupe, strawberry and grapes before and after gym (plus normal protein + supps)

Coughed up a pint of phlegm then hit a recent PR in the squat - good day!

Vogelpohl Deadlifts
2 x 10 with whatever weight both stacks is

Suitcase Deadlifts
2 x 5 each side with 45kg

Beltless warm up to 120kg
2 x 4 x 140kg with loose belt
2 x 150kg
1 x 155kg with knee wraps(easy, but have failed this recently)
1 x 160kg with knee wraps (easy!)
No wraps, loosened belt
4 x 140kg
5 x 140kg

Good Mornings
2 x 8 x 65kg

Right forearm is complaining about the low-bar back squat. Must improve wrist flexibility. Shoulders were OK today, not 100%, but much better.

Back was a little sore but actually feeling solid. Glutes feel strong. Core felt strong. Back arch was easy and upper back didn’t slump under weight too much.

Squat rack has been moved. There is no mirror in new position and I prefer it that way.

A1 band-assisted pull-ups 5x5
A2 Chest-press machine 5x90kg
(last set drop-set to 75% then 50%)
45 seconds rest between all sets

B1 Incline bench 6x60kg
B2 Chest-supported Row 8x90kg
45 seconds rest between all sets

Low-cable “t-bar” rows with rope
3 x 12 x 48kg

Standing abs
3 x 8 x 45kg
5 x 50kg drop set 5x40kg

Oblique cable push-downs with stirrup
20x21kg each side
15x28kg each side
no rest between sets

Stretch, Sauna, Cold shower, Sauna

Porridge for breakfast, yummy.

Ate clean all week except for 3 pieces of fruit slice. No alcohol at all, won’t drink tonight either. Will drink to watch Aus v France second test Rugby tomorrow night, probably just stick to vodka (no beer!!!)

Plan is no cheat days this weekend.

Chest Supported Row
warm up
5x90kg drop set 5x80kg
4x100kg drop set 5x90kg drop 6x70kg

Standing Abs
5x50kg drop 5x40kg

Medium Grip Bench
warm up to 5x80kg, 3x90kg

Flat Bench
1x100kg (failed)

Medium Grip Bench

TKEs 2 x 30 w/small band each leg

Dumbell Rows
1x 12 x 65lb

Incline Fly
3 x 8-10x30lb

Dumbell Tricep Extension w/small band around neck
2 x 12x30lb
1 x 12x35lb

Standing Abs
Chest Supported Rows
warm up to 4x100kg drop set 5x80kg 5x70kg

warm up to
2 x 3x140kg with 10kg chain

Good Mornings, bent knees, arched back
warm up to
1 x 6x80kg
2 x 5x90kg

Walk along beach
walk half soccer field, sprint next half
x 6

rest, drink, repeat

final sprint did full length of field, then jogged to cool down

Neutral grip chins on crazy “snowboard” equipment at kid’s park, 5 x 3

Attempted dips on various pieces of ill-fitting equipment, managed 5 on some hoops, then quit and went home

Planks, 2x20sec (back a little weak from a bad rep in my DL session)

Dead Bugs, 2x5 either side single leg, 1x8 both legs

Leg Raises 2x10

Dumbell Shoulder Press
2 x 6x45lb, left shoulder not good, decided to quit this exercise

Plate Raise
8x20kg, left shoulder again, quit this exercise

Low Cable Rope Rows (kind of like T-bar)
3x12 with stack + 5kg plate

Same as above, but used bar to use both stacks
2x6 with 86kg
1x8 with 86kg

Super-set Assisted Chins (various grips) & Dips

3 sets of 10 each exercise

Incline Barbell Bench
3 x 12x50kg

Firemans’ Carry variations with 30kg sandbag
6 x stair runs

Side bends using low cable
2 x 10 x stack

Pull throughs
2 x 8 x 40 odd kg

Front Squats
warm up to
3 x 3x90kg
5 x 80kg

Good Mornings
warm up to
2 x 5x110kg
5 x 100kg

Calf Raises, single and double leg

Snatches for reps with bar

Snatches with sandbag (bad idea, shoulder)

Zercher Squats with 20kg sandbag
2 x 15
1 x 20