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Dragging sled

I just built myself a sled for dragging weights (i.e. active recovery) has anyone on this forum used these sleds before, if so what kind of progress have you made. I’ll keep you guys posted on how the sled works out for myself.

I’ve been doing this for about 4 or 5 weeks, around twice a week. I drag tires along with some other active recovery-type things. I like the results so far. I just don’t feel as sore and achy from weight training as much. Seems to help me recover faster. Good for cardio too if you speed it up a little, but that’s not really the point if you’re doing it Dave Tate-style.

No, definitely not doing this for any kind of cardiovascular conditioning. I’m an Olympic style weightlifter, so this is more an attempt to improve functional work capacity. This of course to help raise specific physical preparedness (SPP).
Thanks for the response chris, I’ll post in a month or two to say how it went.