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Dr. Won't Refer Me to Endo

So, I have been calling around trying to find a endocrinologist to see about my low T. Everyone on my insurance is by referral from my primary care physician. The problem with that is she said that mine was in range at 278 so she won’t refer me. What should I do now? Just go to a vitality clinic or go to another primary care in hopes that they refer me?

Find a new doctor. Just because you are “in range” doesn’t mean you aren’t having symptoms. If you like your doctor, explain to her what is going on with you and why you want treatment (quality of life, etc). Many have found that most doctors just simply aren’t educated on TRT, or have very “old school” methods or thoughts regarding it. She may be open once she understands what’s going on with you.

Be aware that many endos/urologists are also clueless. You may have better luck with your PCP once she is educated. In the sticky section is a good thread for how to find a good doctor. Also - many of the vitality clinics are super expensive, and aren’t necessarily the best at true TRT.