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Dr. Trying Ropinirole For Libido

After years of trying differing protocols for TRT and never feeling much from libido, i asked my Dr. about trying Jatenzo. He is nervous about liver/stroke/heart attack.

SO we discussed how i’ve tried wellbutrin and buspar and DID have a small burst of libido here and there.

So we’re trying a dopamine agonist! He said my issues are likely higher up (meaning hypothalmus).

So i thought i’d start a new thread and try to update it.

I know many men, especially secondary hypo, have issues with libido, even on TRT. Really hoping this works. Ropinirole is prescribed off label for libido.

Fingers crossed.

What are your TT/FT/E2 levels and protocol right now? What are your IGF-1, Pregnenolone and DHEA levels? Thyroid?

My libido is finally back to 18yo levels after a year of tinkering with different TRT protocols, but I realize now that libido isn’t just Testosterone.

HGH has made a huge difference in my libido, and I feel like I’m finally getting all the benefits of TRT now that my IGF-1 is top of the range instead of in the gutter.
And since I started taking Pregnenolone my libido is even higher.

Make sure you look at everything; thyroid, Preg/DHEA, IGF-1, etc…

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Thanks for the response.

Over the years, all those items have been tested and nothing is too strange or glaring. And the things that were even on the low side, like my thyroid, I tried to correct, but nothing affected libido.

I’ve already gone through the testing and tinkering stage. What i think is going on, besides just low LH, and FSH, is that, being secondary, a whole host of things are wrong due to a screwy Hypothalmus.

What have been your prolactin labs?

One thing you can try before going to dopamine agonists is selegiline. it’s an maoi that doesn’t have the side effects and interactions of the more well known ones. But it increases dopamine and you can take it every day indefinitely. Dopamine agonists scare me.

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Prolactin is in range.

I did run selegiline a few years back and didn’t feel anything. Also tried Cabergoline, but Cab is not a safe thing long term. And i think it’s only useful if prolactin is too high.

I think most agonists are safe. Ropinirole is actually Requip, which is used for RLS amongst other things. Dr. felt more safe with this than Jatenzo.

Picking it up tonight. I’ll post back in a few weeks.

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Three days in at .25mg./day. I’ll increase to .50mg on saturday. Then another increase 4 days later. Its a slow titration upwards.

I know its obviously only a few days in, but this morning i had such a cheerful attitude. Just felt happier. It was noticeable. Likely placebo, but the way i felt wasn’t my norm.

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Are you on a dr prescribed regiment or UGL? What was your IGF level before starting?

Update man?

I’m now onto 1mg a day at night, which is still a pretty low dose from what i’ve read. Not sure how high my Dr. will let me go, but i did order some extra ropinirole online from the normal site most get their stuff from, like viagra, etc.

My sleep has been a little rough while on it, but taking it a little earlier before bedtime has helps. I can say this, and i don’t know if it’s placebo or not, but my mood is a TON better. Just more happy I guess. Ropinirole is used off label for depression, so that’s likely why. As for libido, nothing yet. But my dose is low from what i’ve read from others who experience the hypersexuality aspect. I will increase once ADC ropinirole comes in from overseas.

My IGF readings were: 177ng/ml (71-241); and 147ng (53-331). So i’m thinking my numbers were good here.

Doctor’s prescription, it’s pharma GH.

I was at 120 ng/mL, now I’m at 300 ng/mL.

What is the protocol like? Like frequency of shots, etc.

Can you take a peek at my numbers above your post and give your thoughts? I’m in range.

I’m taking 2 iu/day, I inject just before sleeping.

Your numbers are on 2 different ranges. The first one seems fine on that specific range but the range seems weird. For ex I’ll get the same Free T measurements on Quest and Labcorp labs, but Quest’s range is only up to 15.5 ng/dL whereas Labcorp goes up to 25 ng/dL.

Since I’m getting the same number on both though, it’s clearly not the case in my experience at least that you’ll be at an equivalent percentile on different lab ranges. So it seems that Quest’s range is just really low.

I’m not sure it’s the same for IGF-1, but 241 seems very low unless you’re 70yo or something. The second range (53-331) is the one I see more often, and it correlates with most ranges you can find online for a ~30yo man if you look around, so that’s the one I use and I shoot for top-ish of the range.

Personally I think 147 ng/dL is low, and it’s clearly below average on that range. I don’t know how old you are but I believe the vast majority of men in their late 30’s and older would benefit greatly from GH supplementation.

Even if you’re younger, knowing what I know now and with that IGF-1 measurement, I would definitely supplement it.
You could take another measurement on the second range for confirmation.

Personally GH has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Workouts are at a whole other level, fat loss is like when I was 20yo, sex drive skyrocketed to almost too much honestly, and I’m just happier in general; my baseline mood is way up.

If you can get a script for pharma GH I highly recommend it


How is it going mate?