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Dr. Thomas O'Connor in CT

Hey, all,
Just joined here the other day.

I’m curious if anyone has used Dr. O’Connor in the Connecticut area for trt treatment.
I have heard some good things about his approach to treatment, and I am considering consulting with him since my urologist is shying away from any trt treatment for me.
His initial consultation is fairly pricey but if he is as competent as people say, then he might be worth spending the money to talk to about this subject.

Thanks in advance for any info in this regard.

I’ve purposely left out the info generally requested here for those seeking technical advice, since it has been a while since I have any blood work done and things may have changed for me.

Hey bboch, did you ever check out Dr O’Connor? I’m thinking about seeking his consultation.

No, I never did look into it.
I’ve been staying all natural, and I am making very good progress at this ripe age of 54, even with low T. If I recall correctly, it was about $500 just to talk to him for 30 minutes, but that may be worth it to you if you believe you have the need for his services.

Good hear you’re doing well!