Dr Stopping Testosterone and Starting Clomid

I’m 30 and was started on a 75mg wax troche due to low free t. I was at 6 with a ref range of 10-30 This began working and peaked before crashing, and I feel as bad now as before I started. I was supposed to wait a few weeks before seeing the Dr. but I was able to get in sooner, and the Dr said today the my blood showed that my testosterone crashed even lower than the first test.
Now my free t is at 3 with a ref range 10-30 So the Dr now wants to take me off the 75mg troche and put me on clomid and Boron. The Dr did acknowledge the honeymoon crash and that my body ceased making it’s own t.

I’m not sure what to make of this? First it’s t replacement, then no t replacement and clomid……I’m a little scared my body won’t fire production back up and then I will be in a wheelchair with basically no t at all.

Does this sound reasonable?

The fact that your doctor gave you an oral testosterone patch is enough to make most run from this doctor! Your doctors seems clueless, start TRT, give up on TRT, start clomid that has a very small chance of success.

Obviously the patch wasn’t working, I assure you testosterone cypionate will work.

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No joking, i’m close to losing my house and my job. I have not been able to function the last several months, and I really want to take the best direction from this point. If clomid gets me back to work 40 hrs a week then great, but if I choose this route and it does not work, then i’m screwed.

If your response to clomid is a common one, you will find a new level of suffering. I can’t remember anyone on this forum or any other forum having a successful go with Clomid, not one.

I believe Clomid is a waste of time.

I was in the midst of the honeymoon crash and feeling terrible when the switch was made a few days ago, and now I do feel worse.

My biggest problem is that my primary Dr refused to test any hormones, so I went to a D.O. who takes a more natural approach who was willing to test pretty much everything including testosterone, but they are in no hurry to fix my problem and this is a cash clinic. No insurance.

I’m at the point where I don’t believe what the Dr’s are saying. There seems to be sheer ignorance of dealing with this issue.