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Dr. Sterner-San Diego, CA


Anyone have experience with this physician?


I'm looking to switch doctors soon, for insurance reasons. In particular I want someone who will keep me on my current protocol and order periodic labs I request. Might try HGH for joint issues, if insurance will cover it. Is he good-to-go? Any other recommendations in the area?



I know of a good Dr in orange county california, but they are cash but extremely reasonable and are open to GH and peptides. They are also pretty flexible with labs as well. They are not an HRT clinic, but rather take an integrative approach looking into your entire issue like most dr's do not. A lot of time traditional medicine over look neurology and the immune system which all integrate pain receptors. This is a wellness center not one of those cheesy anti aging places, but they will use gh when indicated.


Thanks! Could you please post or PM me his/her info? I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm OK with paying for doctor's visits out-of-pocket, as long as they will write scrips and lab orders for me to fill on my own, since my insurance will cover those. The problem with my current clinic is they charge an "all-in-one" cash fee, which includes compounded meds and labs which they draw in-house...so insurance is a total no-go.


Id be curious who it is as well. Im in LA and have amazing doctors, but would like to know who else in the area is legit. I just dont know of any of the more integrative/functional medicine places that do much in terms of insurance because insurance doesnt cover the types of protocols these doctors use anyways...and Id be shocked if your insurance covered GH script (its about $1700 month from Walgreens), but if your labs show you need Test they might or at least it would be cheaper to get from a regular pharmacy.

I started out at a place like you are talking about, its a money making scam to me to have the doc tell you what you need, and step into another room with a pharmacy filling your order for HRT and supplements, at over retail prices. Its more like a pay to play anyone can get on HRT as long as they have the cash and complain about a few legit symptoms


I agree entirely. I got my first T shot the day I walked into the clinic, before labs came back. The doctor said he "felt" I was low-T! I wasn't complaining but it did make me wonder. Granted, I feel like I can spot low-T guys from across the room, it's not hard to do, but that's not very scientific. It was like they wanted me to start feeling good ASAP so I would get hooked. What if labs had come back at 800 instead of 302? Would he have kept me on it? HRT/anti-aging is all about profit, for sure, but those of us with genuine need have to play...

My insurance so far has covered my anastrozole which is both expensive and off-label, so I'd think they will at least cover my Test (cheap and on-label) and hopefully HCG as well. But HCG can be had cheaply through other channels so that's not a huge concern. I don't mind paying for doctor visits out-of-pocket, but I'm essentially paying $120/month right now for 800mg of test, and that's crazy.


Did you ever check out this Dr?


Not yet. I realized that the "plan" I'm on at my current clinic is already pre-paid for a few more months, so I'm just going to use that up and decide on a new doc once it's done.