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Dr. Squat VJ Program


Hey T-Nation Women and Gents,

What do you think about "Increase Your Vertical Jump" by Dr. Squat?

How do you think it compares to Mr. Thibaudeau's Get Fast, Get Strong, Get Vertical six week program?


Wu Gong Heng


yeah i want to know as well


Obviously Fred Hatfield knows his stuff. So does CT. The problem with all of these "programs" are that they are not individualized. I think you would probably do well on either of them, I would just change after a while.

A better method would be to analyze both of them, and try to understand why they are doing what they do. Remember what Cosgrove always says, "look for the similarities" and try to discover the meaning behind their methods. Then, apply it to yourself. VJ is a combination of force absorbtion, force production, power absorbtion and power production. There's no secret program, just finding out what you lack and using the right methods and modalities to bring that up. Simply put, if you are weak but "springy", get in there and start pulling some heavy weights. If you are strong but stick to the floor, time for some plyo or speed work.

But to try to answer your question simply, I have seen people on message boards report good gains from the Dr. Squat program and I read CT's program and it looks pretty good as well. From reading CT's program, it's structured as a concurrent program, meaning it will try to address all qualities at once. This will be great if you are a relative beginner, meaning you don't have any quality developed to any great degree. Try it and see how it works, I'd love to hear.


I've read both Dr. Hatfield's writings and CT's writings, and both are fantastic. As was mentioned though, they're not individualized.

Dr. Hatfield hosts his own message board for just this kind of thing - I'll PM you the link. If you have any questions about the program, he and a number of other knowledgable folks will make every effort to help you out.

Christian is a good guy too - I won't speak for him on his schedule though, I'd advise PMing him and asking how much he'd be able to help. I'm sure if you asked him questions in his locker room forum he'd be able to help.

Bottom line is both are great, just make sure to follow up with questions to the author.



VERY GOOD POST!!! Well done!