Dr Serranos Creatine Cycle

A while back Dr Serrano ststed that he had a great creatine cycling recommendation that would yield incredible gains. Anyone remember how the cycle goes? Thanks

T-mag provided the cycle. Can’t remember where. I think a ‘Behind the Scenes’ from way back. Use the search engine. BTW, I used the recommendations and didn’t notice anything better than regular usage.

I think it works. I have only been on it 2 weeks and have gotten a better pump and have gained a few pounds. We will see how it works. I weigh 218 lbs and had to consume 35 grams the first week. That is pretty difficult to do if you have a very busy schedule consuming it at 5 grams each time you take it.

Okay thanks for the info!

Mike…I actually just looked this up because I’m planning on trying it out. We’re not really supposed to give out links thru the forum and I don’t remember it off the top of my head, but if you go to the back issues section of Ian King’s Newsletters, and go to the Ask the Doctor section of Issue 19 (I believe) you should probably find it. If not, let me know and I’ll post it for you.

Mike…second that notion…I’ll save you the trouble so you can get jiggy wit’ it:
Week 1(Loading Phase)
.35g/kg of bodyweight per day. Divide total daily dosage into 5 doses.

Weeks 2-4(Maintenance Phase)
.15g/kg bodyweight per day.

Week 5

Week 6(Re-Load)
Repeat loading phase using .35g/kg bodyweight per day.

Week 7(Maintenance)
.15/kg bodyweight per day.

Weeks 8-10

I suggest you do a search on the Net though for eric serrano and creatine so you can get some more info on his cycling recommendations.

Thanks a lot Timbo! I am looking forward to trying the cycle and will post it on the net.