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Dr. Serrano's creatine cycle

I saw this mentioned in one of the other posts, has anyone tried it? If so can you please post your results?

I tried with good strength increases, tons of water retention though. After I was done I went took about three to four pounds off but kept my strength. I did gain about ten pounds though, at least 5 of it being LBM. I do recommend it though. I seem to attract water when taking creatine a little more than the average. (just an insightfull point.)

I got nothing out of it, just used up a boatload of creatine!

thanks for your replies guys…shorty do you think you had better result with serrano’s cycle then if you followed a “normal” dosage?

I got the best results from a cycle that John M. Berardi recommended, which went like this: first three days load up with 20 grams a day, then for five weeks use Five on empty stomach with warm tea upon waking, then 5 in post workout shake. That worked best, little water retention, good strength gains, and little muscle gain (but about the same amount compared to the other cycle). The difference was water retention and strength, much better with JMB’s version. Let me know if you need more help.

thanks shorty, i will give jmb’s way a try and see how i respond