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Dr Serrano..Results?

Just curious as to who here has followed Dr Serrano’s reccomendations and what kind of results you’ve gotten. He has a lot of interesting theories, just wonderng what have worked for you. thanks Mike

Mike: In my thread “Macro Percentages…” I mentioned that I have begun a 55%P/25%C/20%F “diet” combined with the nutrient partitioning of JB’s Massive Eating. ORIGINALLY I got these ratio’s from someone on the site (PLEASE post, because I forgot who you where!). I have come to learn that these are actually close to the ratios that Dr. Serrano recommends! So…as I stated…at least with this ONE theory from him (concerning Macro Percentages), I’ve had steady LBW gain, fat loss, and an overall feeling of well being. I would like to know more about his theories and reccomendations also.