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Dr Sean Jenkins 49 YO IFBB Pro


sorry if this has already been posted, this guy has come back after 14 years off the stage and at 49 looks like this ! insane.


Absolutely great


Yeah, those ages don't mean what they used to.

Dr. Jenkins is getting a lot of hype because he turned pro in the 80's, quit competing, went back to school and is just now hitting the pro stage.


After 14 years off he still looks like he did a fucking great job with his conditioning, that is very impressive.


I am just amazed that in basically one decade, we went from 40 being the damn near cut off age for competing in bodybuilding to it being the age that some of these guys start looking their best and start winning.

You don't even get that mature look until your late 30's in bodybuilding.


There's hope!

For all those people who come up with excuses why you're not at the gym-- this is from "M.D.":

Q: What's a typical "Day in the Life" for you like now?

A: I live a very well balanced life. I have a loving wife that I have been crazy about for 19 years. I have 3 great son's that I'm very proud of, and I have a job that fills my days with joy and magic. Every day I get to affect someone's life. I see around 50 -60 patients a day and every interaction is magical for me. People come in with pain and dispare and leave my office with a smile. Most of the time I get the tuff cases. People that have tried every thing and I'm their last hope. 9 times out of 10, things get better and I have changed another life. You can't put a price on that... Now that I'm competing again, things are a bit rushed. I wake up early and I'm at the gym by 5:00, at my office at 9-12. back to the gym at 12:30, back to my office from 3-6 and back to the gym at 7:00. Then I'm home to hang out with my crew.

He didn't even mention eating.


Holey freaking Moley this guy is gorgeous!!!!


Prof X mentioned how different 40 is these days, here is a pic of Rachel McLish at 50.


Ah yes! Like Rick Wayne used to say, "The dee-lish McDish!"


He was an entertaining writer back in the day.


I hope you can say that in ten years. The percentages will be working against you.


Sounds like an MD who HAS NOT fallen in the rut that most do. What a cool, optimistic guy.


What percentages are you talking about?

It is a fact that people hitting their late 30's and early 40's in bodybuilding are now hitting higher placings than ever before.

I made no predictions of myself in that quote so I am not understanding your comment.

Many of my patients are now in their later years and they are often still going strong.


It's my understanding that you are about 32. For most people the physical differences between 32 and 42 is huge. I'll take your word for it that there are more bodybuilders than ever hitting their peak in their late 30's early 40's. I'm pretty sure that's just because there are more who stay with it that long and some of them are genetically lucky and have trained smart so they don't have injuries limiting what they can do.

I'm sure you train pretty smart but you're not the 'power of positive thinking' type of guy that Dr. Jenkins is (few are). I intuitively think that's the kind of guy who can pull off what he has. My guess is, right now you have a few aches and pains whispering in your ear. Nothing to slow you down, you might just modify your training a little bit and keep on rollin'. It probably won't be so easy in ten.

Yea yeah, I know, this is where you make fun of my intuitive thinking and trying to guess where you will be in ten years. Fine. I actually hope I'm wrong. Not being able to do what you love sucks.



You don't know anything about Dr. Jenkins on a personal level to even know that about him, just like you don't know me personally at all.


He seemed pretty optimistic from his statement quotes above and you want to fight about Ziplock bags. What else do I need to know?


Wow, so you know everything about a man's personal life and how "positive" he is based off of one well written paragraph. Interesting. I am guessing ads in magazines don't even have to try with you. I can hear it now...."But they said it would make me gain 25lbs in one week...THEY PROMISED!!!".

Your selective memory is interesting though. I do believe I've written quite a bit on this forum yet you pick "zip lock bags".

Well, you keep on sucking the air out of those bags and pretending you are a vacuum sealer.

Just keep on sucking.


Its hard to judge anybody just by what they say on the net without knowing them personally. I think what he might be hinting at is the Tough love you give people on a routine basis might not put you in the "uplifting persons" category. Idk im just guesing. Somebody's gatta do it tho, and you do it well!


That's funny....I get a shit load of pms that would say otherwise...often after they get pissed.


oh a chiropractor eh

nice back he has