Dr Scally's Power Pct Protocol

Hey guys, im hopping on the Power pct protocol after a failed real pct.

Is this the latest update of the dr scally power pct?

Day 1-15: 1500iu hCG E3D
Day 16-45: 20mg nolva twice ED (40mg total)
Day 16-45: 50mg clomid twice ED (100mg total)

Feels like i got something wrong here, thanks in advance for answers!

I’d never heard of this one till you posted it, some very minimal googling got me up to speed. This PCT does not look like it will do much for you. Those amounts of HCG are way too high, and the old school way of using clomid and nolva together has been shown to be way less than optimal. Do some more reading, specifically anything you can find on here and the TRT forum from KSman.

A few years ago I did a series of short cycles (2 on/2 PCT/2 off). After the last one, I did the same 2 week PCT, and paid the price for it. A month or two after that, when everything let like it was n the crapper, I did a proper four week nolva PCT and got back to normal. I would suggest doing that rather than this…thing.