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Dr. Said TRT Caused Degenerative Disc Disease

I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease by a general practice dr. I went in for a xray on back. Turns out had a bad herniated disc.
He said I had DDD and blamed some of it on my trt. My trt clinic said nothing about potential bone or spine side affects not once in 10yrs. I don’t see any info on web about it either. Could my trt really have caused back issues? Dr said cut my dose but trt place says cutting dose will just mean won’t "feel " as good aka no benefit.
I generally run my trt protocol as directed by Dr but 2x a yr I cycle… played with many different compounds over the yrs. Could my cycles have caused the DDD? My gut feeling is it’s just age & shitty genetics. I’m 41 life long gym rat & been doing manual labor since 15…plus my mom has back issues.

My wife has osteoporosis (thin weak bones) she was put on HRT plus other drugs to improve and strengthen her bones. The HRT is suppose to speed up healing. I have never read TRT cause bone loss. I have no idea if the other drugs you played with does. I would think you would want to keep a farely high T to E ratio like 4%

Can you post about your protocol and any recent blood tests?

All i know is that low e is bad news and can cause all those bone related issues. Were you taking an ai?


That needs to go in the “stupid things doctors say” thread. It’s so ridiculous, I don’t know where to begin to comment. “Some” of it? You could ask him why DDD is more prevalent in older people, who have lower hormone levels and ask why younger men (and women) with higher testosterone levels do not have the same incidence of DDD. Actually, that comment is so preposterous it is probably best ignored.

No. I assume it is a disc in your lumbar spine, likely L4 or L5. Which ever disc is degenerative, ask him why the one above, or below, it is not degenerative. Or all of your other discs for that matter, what about them? Maybe the testosterone is not reaching them?


Testosterone therapy increases bone mineral density but ddd has nothing to do with bone. Your disc are jelly between your vertebrae. They cushion your vertebrae.

Run e2 control?

Ask your doctor to provide you with the clinical study that shows TRT causes degenerative disc disease. Testosterone cypionate is a bioidentical hormone for which the body is unable to tell the difference. TRT will help with the healing process and TRT will help recovery and therefore your doctor won’t be able to prescribe prescription drugs.

You wonder why it’s so difficult to get TRT prescribed, because it takes money out of big pharma pocket where prescription drugs is extremely profitable.

Another stupid comment from a stupid doctor!

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Yes I take Anastrozle have for years… My general protocal is…

200mg test cyp/1ml 1 shot per week
Anastrozle .25 2x week
HCG 50units 1x week

Been this way for 8yrs ish

My labs are generally good TRT checks it 2x a yr
My biggest problem is my hemoglobin gets high sometimes 18-19 its always neer the top range
I donate blood every 2 months to keep it down as best I can and take omega 3s also try and keep diet low fat but I guess I just got thick blood

As far as my back goes yes its the L5 & L4 the lower one is the one thats really herniated but bot are no bueno… I really think its years of wear and tear not juice.
I does suck as its super painful and Squats, deadlifts, Leg press, sit ups bassically anything that bends or compresses me is out for now… Been dealing with it for almost 6 months… Not much relief. Im gonna see a specialist or pain mgmt place soon as this sucks

do you have TT FreeT & E2 readings from recent labs?

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Yea I think he just was anti test… Not sure why but I really just went there to get a x ray so I could get some decent pain meds and ended up getting a bunch of bull shit scare tactics & some advil #lame

last lab was July but that stuff wasnt bad…I dont recall numbers

Your e2 readings in the past are what we are looking for specifically. Bone health…

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I really dont recall them but TRT doc didnt say anything except dump blood which is same thing they say every yr… I am set to do new labs in a few weeks I can post it then

Well thats idiotic too. If you can get your labs and post them we’d all be curious what your E2 reading is because it really sounds like you crashed it.

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I’ll find out in a week or two new labs then. But I don’t think E or E2 was an issue not once in 8yrs has doc said anything.
I’ve read low dose deca can help with joint & bone stuff. I’ve read some others with lumbar spine stuff have got scripts for it. Might talk to my trt doc about it. He’s pretty progressive.

So you rely soley on the doc?

Ever done a dexa scan? It may be lower E2 due to using AI.

No really don’t have fantastic insurance. Most everything is out of pocket

No if I wanted something I’d get it. The deca for my back was just a thought. Might try it as a last resort if traditional methods don’t work. For now doing PT, yoga, no heavy lifting. No squats or DLs at work less manual labor more pencil pushing. I’m gonna give the program 2-3 months if no results I may try mixing low dose deca into my shot.

I meant in regards to him not mentioning e2 in 8 years? have you ever acessed your blood test results yourself?