Dr said to stop....WTAF!

Spoken to the company I’m using for TRT and after almost 5 months. I’ve recently reported to them my libido is very poor, erection quality poor. And their latest suggestion is to just stop everything for a few weeks - seems rather drastic, since only 2 weeks ago they suggested increasing my HCG and anastrozole alongside my cypionate injections

I’m a bit miffed if I’m honest. Since I’ll now have to deal with the aftermath of administering things for 5 months and now just stop cold turkey. Surely that’s not advisable?

Interested in thoughts of those more in the know on this

Feel like there’s lot of info missing here.

Blood work on protocol?

Quitting TRT because of poor erections and libido problems seems a bit drastic. It’s obvious your protocol is not optimized.

It’s obvious this provider doesn’t know how to manage male hormones.

Doh, that would have been helpful wouldn’t!!!
These are my bloods taken a month ago. At this point, my 17-Beta Oestradiol was at 80.1 pmol/L, down from 166 pmol/L - yet when speaking to my dr about my libido and erections, he suggested increasing the anastrozole further, so I’m now on half a tab split, 1/4 twice a week. And a minor bump on HCG to 0.22ml up from 0.2ml

Also my protocol is currently. Taking Cypionate 200 & The HCG 5000iu

Monday - test 0.25ml
Tuesday - hcg 0.22ml (increased from 0.20ml) + 1/4 anastrozole
Thurs - test 0.25ml
Fri - hcg 0.22ml (increased from 0.20ml) + 1/4 anastrozole

The main symptom is libido and erection quality. I was having some stomach issues, bloating etc, which I know can be a side of HCG. But this seems to be unrelated.

Others on here have suggested that there are too many moving parts too soon into my TRT journey. Dr doesn’t really respond when I’ve asked that

Not a doctor and not giving advice: But it is mazing how retarded doctors can turn something relatively simple into a clusterfuck. First of all, how much Test are you using for TRT? Based on your dosing, it looks like you are using 50mg twice per week, correct? This is reasonable and your test levels are reasonable. TRT levels of test do NOT require Anastrozole AT ALL for 99.9% of men. Your libido/erection problems are more than likely due to estrogen being TOO LOW. It always amazes me that doctors boost test levels unnaturally high and then try to keep estrogen unnaturally low. The body needs more estrogen when test is elevated, that’s why it makes it.


2 issues. First you shouldn’t be using an AI if you are taking 100mg per week. Second that’s not enough test… if I’m not mistaken when I last looked at the study that compares testosterone E dosing and male muscle gain, 100mg or less resulted in a maintenance or loss of muscle… try 150-200 mg of test.

It’s rare that someone requires an AI with “replacement doses” of T. AI’s are meant to control things when guys are running 500-1000 mg on cycles. It seems many doctors still confuse AAS with TRT.

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Hey Mate
Based on 0.25ml per jab, which I think is 75mg. I think it would be 150mg per week

My Dr jumped straight to the anastrozole as a solution to me my libido and erection quality based on my bloods at the time of my 17-Beta Oestradiol being 166 pmol/L

I’ve since had an email from my dr and he’s now suggesting keep I taking the HCG at 0.22ml twice a week and drop everything else

Wondering why it would be to keep the HCG and drop everything else, not keep the test and drop the rest. I’ve explained a number of times being in my 40’s, fertility isn’t important. But they’ve insisted on the HCG and now seem to want to keep that in place of everything else

Your doctor is a moron! Your doctor is just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

From this point on I would stop listening to his advice and find someone else to manage your TRT.



yeah I’m going to start looking at an alternative.
I’m also VERY tempted to ignore my dr and drop everything apart from the test - what do you think @systemlord?

Also, out of interest, who on here is based out of the UK vs the US? as there seems to be a very different approach, opintion and protocol in the UK vs the US

In the UK it seems to be standard protocol is TRT, hCG and AI’s. TRT in isolation is gaining momentum in the US and the UK always lags behind.

You’re not wrong in my experience, as that very much seems to be the case in the short time I’ve been on TRT

Getting all the benefits 1 would expect. Accept libido and wood quality

I’ve been on TRT for years, though I am new on this forum. I am not claiming to know how to help you but I am going to suggest you research a couple of things—things that made a huge difference for me personally.

  1. Your libido is probably trash because your estrogen is too low. Anastrazole is not great for you in general, and on a therapeutic dose of test like what you are on, you probably don’t even need an AI, and if you do, only a mild one.

  2. You are doing two injections a week. When I first got on TRT years ago at a TrT clinic, the standard was one injection a week, on ‘testosterone Tuesday’. At the time that was pretty progressive because an endo would at that time and many would still have you taking one injection every 2 weeks or worse.

I then went to 2 injections a week after several years. I suffered gyno in left tit from both weekly and 2 times a week injection. But now I am doing a micro dose of 14.28 (I measure it 14 ‘and some change’) out of an insulin syringe with a 1/2 needle, subq. And no gyno. Same amount of test. And I used to use Anastrazole. I’m still prescribed it. I just don’t take it.

I have never been so stable, I have never felt so great as this protocol right here. It also further lessens any need for an AI, which is all the better for your overall health and your overall well being on TRT.

That said: I recently began daily cialis (tadalafil) from an online service. I did this after a long period of research (over a year), reading medical journals. The reason I did this is not only for the extra ‘oomf’ in the erection department, but because it also works to improve testosterone/estrogen ratios, as well as the heart health/workout benefits that you should research on your own, I do not want to instill too much of a bias in you, haha, but man, 5mg cialis/day, 14-15 units of test cyp a day, and 25 units of hcg x2 a week and I feel great.

Regardless, more frequent, smaller injections will likely improve how well you do on TRT, even if it doesn’t fix all your problems. The best part is, you are taking the exact same dose just split up. So you don’t need doctor approval. You can and should get it of course, but ultimately your health is YOUR health, so as long as you are getting the vial, you can buy insulin syringes and just split the dose into daily doses all on your own and give it a try, see if your labs improve and more importantly see if how you feel improves. Don’t discount the cialis either, it is a great compliment to tr therapy.

I hope that helps some. Thanks.


Thank you my friend, all very helpful.
I’m still new on the journey, so I know it’s a process and working close with the dr on trying to nail things down. The good thing is, he’s being less drastic with his changes, so hopefully a more stable approach over a longer period will see things settle and full benefits come to life

Ill look into the cialis, I’ve not heard of that being a daily option before

It took some convincing to get my doctor to prescribe daily Cialis. You can even use daily Cialis together with Viagra.

Oh yes sir. They have 2.5mg and 5mg daily. You can get this without question through a number of legitimate online mens clinics. Him’s is one of good reputation that does it. I personally use RocketRx. It was cheaper. Mailed directly from the pharmacy. Good luck!