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Dr. Ryan- Prime Time


Back from the Staley bootcamp and ready for some questions. Check out the Staley thread and Chris's blog for a recount of the weekend.



There are 3 left over questions for you in your Prime Time 10/11-12 thread.

Thank you for your time!


pleasure meeting you ... next year we'll hang more ... discussing medicine and nutrition and lifting at the bar ... you know that's all we talk about, right?




Sorry about that. I could have sworn that I answered your question. Give me an update on how the wrist is doing and where exactly the pain is located.

Take care,




Yea, it was nice to meet you as well. I was disappointed that I didn't get to talk with you more. Like I said, anybody that rips on Barr as much as you, is somebody that I need to know better.

I hope to see you again.

I live close to Columbus, OH, home of the Arnold Fitness Weekend. StrengthPro usually puts on a good seminar in conjunction with it. It would be a good place to meet up. Plus, the Spike girls maybe making an appearance.

Take care,



Dr. Ryan,

I wish we had more time to hang out and talk. It seems like I hardly had a chance to talk to you. And I never saw you at the Kona Grill bar on Saturday night after dinner. :wink:

However, doing pull-ups off of your arm was fun. LOL!

We definitely need to get together again for another seminar or other event. It's truly a blast hanging out with like-minded and fun people who share enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness.

If we had more time, you could have figured out all my problems (busted finger, cracking chest, messed up shoulder, etc.). And instead of feeling just your arms, you may have been the recipient of an ass grab. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Dr. Ryan,

I have asked several others, but maybe you might have something that will help. I have a lifter who is to do a national meet in February - problem, she suffers from extreme altitude sickness and the meet is in Denver. Any suggestions?


Don't hate just because I won the prize for sexiest male at the Bootcamp!

Cool, I'll take you up on your offer from last year!



Yea, I was planning on heading over to the Kona Grill, but I started talking to Dave and Lonnie and the next thing you know three hours had passed.

Hopefully we can meet up at another seminar. See the previous post to Bastard.

Take care,




How early can she go there prior to the competition?

Also, what events does she do and what kind of symptoms does she get?

Take care,



Sorry, it got busy at work.

It's gotten better but I still can't lift anything in my right hand without a sharp pain in the medial aspect of my right wrist. Pain is also felt in the same location when I attempt to supinate or pronate palm (with my elbow anchored to my side). Range of motion is compromised and typing is sometimes difficult. Saturday will be the 14 day of injury.

I've had 2 ART sessions so far & I get hooked up to an electro-stim(?) machine for a few minutes to reduce swelling after each session. After the ART sessions, my wrist feels great with full range of motion and no pain. Unfortunately, it doesn't last.

Kaiser's advise was to immobilize and take ibuprofen. Immobilization only caused the pain to flare up & naproxen/ibuprofen/advil didn't put a dent in the pain. I'm constantly stretching and trying to increase my range of motion at the moment.

Got any suggestions for speeding up the healing process?

Thanks in advance!



Sexiest male huh? Were you able to type that with a straight face?

You are welcome here anytime.

My dog Gus was pissed when he found out there was a Great Dane dog show in town and I left his ass at home.



I saw you got the first class bump pn teh way back from bootcamp. . . ARe you a medallion member?

I got the first class bumps on the way out, but got hosed on the way back. . . .


Dr Ryan,

I am just starting to get some big numbers on my deadlift and am concerned about tearing my bicep. I had a grade 4 SLAP/electrothermal shrink surgery a few years ago and am concerned I might tear or start to dislocate again. I use a mixed grip with my injured arm palm out because my internal rotation isnt very good and fear that this exposes my bicep to a greater chance of injury.

What would you recommend? Would straps help/hurt?

Thank you for your time,
p.s. my "I love deads" thread has more information if you need it.


The Great Dane we saw in the lobby there in Phoenix was impressive (but a little thin, eh?). Your dog(s) must be better trained than mine. My chocolate lab wouldn't do very well in a dog show; her intelligence dissolves in public - as the scar on my ankle attests.


Doc -

You thought anymore about the SWIS conference?


Well the meet will be friday-sunday and I dont think she can get there before Wednesday/Thursday night. Depends on work. Last time she was in Denver she said she could not get out of bed......pounding headache ect. Nothing really helped she said. It is a powerlifting meet - squat, bench and deadlifts.

Any suggestion would be great.



Are there any persons wherein let's say 0.5 grams of protien per pound would be enough to gain muscle on?
Brandon Green


Told you he should have come to Phoenix!

I'm not sure that Ryan was too concerned about the dog that night (he was gorgeous though). The owner? Now that's another story.

Did Ryan tell you about the 140lb dog he scared to death in the parking lot that night?


Dr Ryan,

I just got my CT Scan results back and they are as follows:

"L4/L5: There is a moderate to large left paracentral disc protrusion which is causing a significant degree of thecal sac compression. It extends below the level of the disc space into the left lateral recess where there is likely to be compromise of the traversing left L5 nerve root. Both L4 nerve roots exit in a normal fashion above the level of the disc. The end plates and posterior elements appear normal."

What does that mean, and how do I fix it/train with it?