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Dr. Richard Gaines


I am considering TRT and looking for a doctor in the South Florida area. Anyone have any experience with Dr. Richard Gaines? If so, what is their initial fee? And curious if they require you to purchase hormones through them or allow you to fill script at your own pharmacy. Any information you can share about this provider would be very much appreciated.


Please see the ‘finding a TRT doc stick’ and there are 6 others.


He is affiliated with a clinic that require you to buy your medications from them for a small fortune compared to what they would cost in a pharmacy. They won’t work with insurance so it would be all out of pocket. They will keep testing you until they happen to get a reading low enough to qualify for HRT.

My experience with them (before I knew better and switched to someone else) was that they also routinely prescribe 200 mg T-cyp per week as a starting dose. This is double the normal TRT dose and would likely be harmful long term in most men.