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Dr. Rec in South Bay, CA Area?


I might be moving and am looking for a doc to manage my T replacement in the South bay area of San Francisco, CA. Currently using compounded T creme, HCG and anastrozole.

Any recommendations?



have you called around to local compounding pharmacies to ask for a referral?


There is a sticky for that.


I am almost certain one of the gurus for HRT is in that area. Dr. Mariano, http://www.definitivemind.com/.

As well, read everything in the stickies by KSman…KSman has practically written a gospel on all things related HRT and is an incredible resource, who I know I have benefited from in some dark times in my life medically…and I know I have cost him time which he is ever so patient with, by asking questions that are already covered in the stickies or older threads by him…so Im reminding even myself, sometimes topics are already covered in the stickies or threads we can search, that guys like KSman have answereed very in depth…

Best of luck


The sticky is great, a personal referral is better.



Fair enough…Dr. Mariano has message boards on his site, folks fly in from all over the country to see him…he has tons of articles and resources on the website…If he was closer I would go to him in a heartbeat…many HRT docs are so new to the game or figuring things out as they go, or are “pay to play” HRT for folks who I wonder sometimes if they really need it, folks who somehow in their 40s-60s are more jacked then they were when they were in their prime hah…so pay to play get your HRT…Dr. Mariano has been at it for some time, looks like a safe pick…a super safe pick


gunderman - yes personal referrals are best, but the odds of someone else living in your exact area and having a great doctor are slim to none. We are giving you the best advice we have to help. the only other alternative is for us to just not post and let your thread die.