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Dr Put Me on TRT

Ok so long story short, the dr put me on a TRT of Test C. They obviously have no clue(nor do I) on what they are doing because they gave me a 200mg injection once a month. I know that is rediculous but how should I best take it?

I was thinking 25mg twice a week. But should I use a suspension oil? Sorry but I have read a bit on here but when it comes down to the wire I have no clue on what to do.

Thanks for the advice

Can you provide your blood tests?

All I know, and she gave me was my total was 138.

I’m 33 6’4” 270lbs

I go to the gym 5x a week and have a very clean diet.

From what I’ve read she did not do a full panel, she did do a thyroid test last year and I was in the normal range across the board

Dont even take it period because those doses will just shut you down and most likely leave you lower than you were. Just find a new Dr

You are correct your doctors are ridiculous, a 2005 clinical study showed Japanese men injected with 200 mg every 2 weeks, the results were not good. Odds are you will find no help with any doctors under your insurance network, you must go private or…

SHBG levels in my experience is a good tool to use for determining injection frequencies, Dr. Saya of Defy Medical has treated over 10,000 patients and uses SHBG as a reliable test to determine a successful protocol.

25mg twice weekly isn’t enough, sadly you haven’t been prescribed enough testosterone to make TRT work. Most men are closer to 100mg-160mg weekly. I’m at 96mg weekly which is low when compared to everyone else here.

If in the US would consider giving Defy Medical try, they are a tele medicine clinic and can treat just about anybody. Defy Medical has experienced TRT doctors!

Back on the Defy payroll?

This is absurd, don’t be so childish. I will recommend TRT clinics that can help these men who are finding it difficult to locate doctors knowledge in TRT.

I know you have a problem with telemedicine clinics and prefer face to face doctor visits, but I wonder if you would raise an eyebrow if I recommended a Dr. Who is well known who isnr employed by a telemedicine clinic.

I think we both know what the answer would be.

Going with childish again, huh? Your obsession with promoting your clinic is simply suspect. I’m not the only one here noticing it, either. It is almost as laughable as it is predictable.

I know, all doctors are idiots. No one has as much experience as your guys and they do everything correctly. Got it.

Seriously, if you are not an owner or on their payroll, you should be, or at least I hope getting your treatment comped. How much referral business do you think you’ve generated for them? I think Defy advertises on other forums. Surprised the owner of this one lets this go.

If you know the answer, why are you wondering? Anyway, here is my answer:

Yes, I would question anyone incessantly promoting a private, for profit, enterprise on a public forum. I would wonder if said individual was a plant. I would wonder if the owners of the forum were aware of it. I believe there is advertising on tnation. If I am the owner, and relied on that revenue, I would not let someone get a free ride.

You want to know what else I wonder about? I wonder why someone who has struggled so much to get “dialed in” and tried so many different protocols (I once asked you how many, but you failed to respond) promotes their doctors as you seem to do. I find it strange.

No offense, but I asked for advice not to get notifications of you guys bickering at each other. Go be tough guys in your own thread

If you would still like, I will be happy to give you some advice, if I can, after I see some lab results.