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Dr Put Me on TRT with No Help


Maybe it’s the scale for women???


I looked it up and womens e2 fluctuates from 15 pg/ml to 300 pg/ml based largely on their monthly cycle.


It appears you did the wrong test. You should have done an estradiol test, the ultrasensitive one is usually recommended. Can you confirm what test you had?

How do you feel? How do the nuts feel?

If you had the wrong test, I reccommend getting the right one before any change to your regimen.

With your high SHBg you should probably pin twice per week.


How do you feel these days? Still experiencing lethargy?


I am still dealing with lethargy. I posted my bloods just above a little ways. Apparently I crashed my estrogen with dim? I never for a million years would have thought that an over the counter natural compound could crash someone’s estrogen. I’ve been eating it like candy this whole time. Feel pretty dumb now but I guess you live you learn. I still feel pretty good overall. Strong. Just have to drop the dim and let my e2 stabilize and i should be good to go.


After looking at the lab again I did notice dr did the wrong test. I will call and see about getting the correct one done.
I feel good except for being very tired.
My nuts still have the dull pain but only for a few days after pin now.


Ok I got the new e2 test results
Range is 7-50 pg/ml

My results are 25


Perfect number!!!


Damn that sucks, at least you feel ok. I think @alphagunner might have mentioned this being a possibility with DIM in another thread. I ordered a bottle weeks ago but made myself hold off until I got new labs, which was good as my E2 sensitive came back at 25.


So. I think I’m am going to move my injections up to 150 every 7 days to see what happens. You think my e2 will jump up?


Your e2 will most likely adjust. Just give it 5 to 6 weeks to stabilize and test you e2. You may also want to test tt ft and hct at the same time to ensure your staying with healthy long term limits. On 100 mg a week my tt was 675. On 120 mg per week my tt was 1045. Same brand pharma testosterone. Only adjustment I made was the dosage and I was substantially higher. Just fyi.


What was your free tt at 120 per week?


24 on a scale to 25


100mg put me in the range of 602 with tt.
I think I will try the 120 a week to see what it puts me in 6 weeks.


Not a bad idea. Knowing what I know now from all my experimentation I wouldnt hesitate to do 150 mg or 200 mg or 500 mg. As long as you stay on top of your bloodwork and watch your hct/ lipids. If your conservative and care about the long term than dont be a knucklehead like me. Do 120 mg