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Dr Put Me on TRT with No Help


The solution is simple. Split the 150 mg and inject 75 mg a week. Why continue on this losing protocol? Also, get your own bloodwork. If you schedule the bloodwork online through someone like discount labs dot com its can be relatively cheap when purchasing a panel.


I agree.
As long as you are getting the testosterone…

I think your goal should be to get Dr to prescribe more next time. Take labs at the right time so testosterone comes out lower. Then you have more room and testosterone to inject multiple times


I agree.
As of today I am going to take the 1mg of 100mg test every 7 days for a total of 200 every 2 weeks.

I will go order my own labs in a months time so see what’s going on.

Question though. How will I know if my e2 is to high or should I take the test sooner to find out?


You need to give e2 time to stabilize. So initially it may be a little high. You may get emotional. But only if you get consistent itchy tits can indicate gyno. But that would be so rare with 100 a week.
I basically would not worry about e2 on 100. Unless you have severe liver issues.


Once weekly is no good, naturally you produce 7-10mg daily. You want a minimum twice weekly dosing. I guarantee estrogen will be better controlled and lower on twice weekly vs weekly.

The larger the dose, larger the peak from that dosage, the higher estrogen will be.

In the meantime get SHBG tested so you know if your protocol is ideal for you.


Put estrogen in the back of your mind. Dont worry about e2. Focus on stabilizing and getting the appropriate bloodwork. If your nipples start getting itchy or painful then you can worry about e2. If you start getting hyper emotional then you can worry about e2. In the weeks to come at times you may feel lethargic and that is normal. Until your blood hits plasma levels of testosterone and estrogen it can feel like a bit of a roller coaster. Suck it up and push through that. It’s worth it in the end. And dont take arimidex.


Ok. So after going about 6 weeks with my new reg of 1ml/100mg every 7 days i got my new test results.
Total test 662
Free test 110.5
Prolactin 11.9

Hematocrit 48.3
She did not do my e2, fsh, or lh which i asked her to do but she did not put it down to be done.
What do you all think? Should i increase dose? Also with my hema at 48 should i go donate blood?


No need for FSH or LH when on TRT.

How are you feeling? Free test is 1.67%, better to get it to 2-3%, your SHBG is the issue there. So, yes, you could increase your dose.

No need to donate blood.


It’s difficult to recommended a dosage increase when E2 is an unknown, if it’s already at the top of the ranges I wouldn’t be recommending a dosage increase.

Free T ranges is what?


You can certainly increase the dose if you want to but the big question is… how do you feel right now? If you feel good right now great. Make a note of that. If you have symptoms make note of those as well in relation to your current dose. Make an increase and see what happens. Do symptoms get worse or better? If your feeling better stay there. If things get bad just drop back down to where you are now.


I feel pretty good but a few days in between injections I do get pretty tired no matter how much I sleep. If i was to increase dose should I do it by half so say 1.5 ml?
What’s the chance of e2 going to high with that dose every 7 days?


150 mg? Nah, I would go for it. I went from 100 mg to 120 mg to 160 mg and currently I’m running 300mg. 300 mg is very high and obviously well over trt levels. I’m not advocating trying that but these small manipulations in testosterone levels are just that. Small manipulations. Dont major in minor things. If you notice side effects make note of that. Dont have any knee jerk reactions though. It takes time to stabilize and you may have to tough it out in the beginning. I’m going through that right now on this 300 mg “blast”. I definitely feel different. Im having a bit of lethargy right now. I can definitely tell a difference sexually. Having some low sex drive right now. I’m just toughing it out for now. I know plenty of guys who run way higher levels than this and they dont even know what an ai is.


So the higher level you’re Injecting is decreasing sex drive?


Not sure if its estrogen or the nolva I’m taking. I’m sure my body is adjusting to the higher levels of testosterone. Every adjustment I’ve ever made gave me some level of lethargy. I just push through it and let my body stabilize.


does your sex drive eventually return?


Only time will tell I suppose. This is the highest I’ve ever run before so who knows


I bet your strength in the gym is great though.

Higher levels seem to increase strength and size (the anabolic effect) but then decrease the sex drive and arousal (the androgenic effect).


I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Cant wait to get to the gym every morning. Hit 315 on bench yesterday so I’m pretty happy with that. I’m not worried about the sex drive stuff. It will come back. I know my best sex drive was at 120 mg per week. I’ll drop back down to that after this little blast is over.


Does estrogen need the time go up with the higher test dosage? Is that what’s gong on with your libido?


I personally believe that the estrogen automatically goes up with the testosterone. After some time your body will down regulate the e2 but I’m not sure. All I know is my e2 was pretty much the same going from 100 to 120 and 160 mg. Between 26 to 29. Very little movement. I cant wait to test my e2 at 300 mg and see where it falls.