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Dr. Prescribed Spironolactone 25mg Daily for Acne

My Doctor prescribed me 25mg of Spironolactone daily for acne. Anyone else ever hear of someone on TRT taking this stuff?

Yes. It blocks testosterone at the receptor sites and is therefore used for hormonally induced acne…in women. For men, though I am aware of some who have tried it, spironolactone would seem to defeat the purpose of TRT. If you’re getting acne from the testosterone, I’d try the various remedies or reduce your dose.

Why take it to reduce the effects of the testosterone, when you could simply do that by reducing the testosterone?

Some have reported significant improvement when the oil used in solution (sesame seed, cottonseed, grapeseed) is changed.

Can help with acne, but at what cost?

Based on the other comments, this stuff is contradictory to being on TRT. Your acne could be coming from Estrogen. Have you had blood work recently?