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Dr. Prescribed Cycle for TRT

Any one heard of this dr prescribed testosterone replacement… it looks like this…

200mg wk x2
300 wk x2
400 wk x 2
300 wk x2
200 wk x 2

he says after this one should be able to produce testosterone within normal levels…
anyone ever heard of this as prescribed trt?

You need to run away from that Dr. and NEVER go back.

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I should explain a little I guess.

So that protocol makes absolutely no sense. Why would you change doses like that?

is that 200mg every 2 weeks? This needs to be more clear. Regardless, its still insanity.

After this, you wont be able to “produce” your own Testosterone at all! TRT will shut down your natural production.

Exogenous testosterone suppresses intratesticular testosterone production, by prescribing injectable T will shutdown your natural production. This doctor believes that because injectable testosterone is a bioidentical hormone that it will somehow encourage natural testosterone production, what a laughing stock!

This doctor should be reported as he isn’t following any particular guidelines and is commiting malpractice, he’s making it up and he goes along. This protocol is not TRT!

Is the doctor’s name Nick Riviera? Did he get his degree from Hollywood Upstairs Medical college?


i know, i read all the common protocols , he claims another its a priven method as some of his patients are in the upper 800ng/dl 3 months after his treatment

Would be very interesting to see your labs.
My old GP tried something similar with me. That was weekly injections of sustanon250 for 5 weeks, in hope that my natural test would rise.
At that time my testosterone level was around 12 nmol/L.
I understand that this would suppress your own testosterone production temporarily but I’m wondering if there might be something to this as my old GP was a very highly educated Doctor and knew a hell of alot more than most of these so called specialists today.
Just saying there might be something more to this than appears to be.

Maybe, but it looks like a pyramid cycle lol crazy. anyway maybe oneday i will give it a try vrs pct and see if his method works, until then i will stock pile my trt and run what i want with labs all under drs supervision. it was just insane first i heard it hd to see if there was anyone who ever heard of this method.

Yeah it does sound crazy lol, but just maybe there is something to it.
If you do chat with your Doctor about this again it would be very interesting if he could explain how he thinks this would work and update us with his reasoning for it.
I would ask my old Doctor but he retired due to cancer.

This method does not encourage natural production at all, it encourage suppression of natural testosterone production since it shuts down your HPTA. Whether it’s 10mg weekly or 5000mg weekly, either will shut you down.

It looks like he is tapering him up, and then tapering down (LMFAO) to promote his body to produce on its own?

You are wasting your time with this doctor. Possibly putting your health at risk as well.

When his T starts dropping he’ll be left swimming is estrogen, a new kind of hell.

lol i know right Crazy , but hell no, i want this dr on my team! I give myself trt doses of 150wkly , unless im on, Pct brings me back to baselines before my trt. Oh im very familiar with Ms Estrogen… pct is sweet hell i can do without, but i got to bring my boys back here and there :rofl:

So he wants to do gear levels then stop with no PCT?
Also see sticky “HPTA restart” for some viewpoints. Your PCT methods may have been deeply flawed as so many are.

And your LH/FSH labs were?

100mg T per week will shutdown LH/FSH–>zero within a couple of days. So beyond that, shutdown is shutdown. Higher T means more FT–>E2 and more E2 means more SHBG creating more non-bio-available SHBG+T. SHBG does not decline so fast. High T levels risk high RBC and hematocrit and these should be monitored as some guys really have problems of this nature, even on 100mg/week.

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well im doing my own thing, but thats what he prescribed. Nice… but crazy… but if he is gonna monitor me while i do my cycles thats awesome! safest way to run a cycle i guess … under dr supervision