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Dr Prescribed 200mg/Wk, Says It Wont Affect LH/FSH. Refused HCG

Same thing happened to me, it was all estrogen on subQ, IM works for everyone. Your SHBG only dropped 4 points which is the smallest decrease I’ve seen and usually decreases more, so I would count your blessings it didn’t get any lower.

You should think about the cream. I’ve seen many folks with high shbg use it and without issue. A low shbg should benefit as well. Less estrogen sides with cream and it almost negates shbg at times. Not sure if this is true. Someone did say becusse dht is having more binding with shbg than with free t.

Transdermal test is much more likely to convert to DHT than the estrogens. This is good and bad.

As for the OP discussing higher e2 on a test etc - TOO MANY FACTORS can contribute to higher estradiol on a blood test - for example your body can respond to less hormone by pulling from e1 to create more e2 out of need. Your body wants your estrogen where it is. Just stay with the new protocol.

SHBG is a transient number and is heavily influenced by insulin. How’s your overall health?


unfortunately I am in Canada. will be tough to get here. I am also hesitant because of the potential accelerated hair loss. I am already losing hair. Might be something I can look at down the line, perhaps when availability is better and i am already bald. Did you notice any hair loss?

Thanks. I would say overall health is decent. Fairly lean. Reduced carbohydrates and sugars. Also tried taking berberine and milk thistle. All of this didn’t change shbg at all. I am thinking it is more thyroid related or genetic? both parents have thyroid issues and I do as well. on synthyroid 25 mcg. I am thinking RT3 is high will find out soon, if it is hopefully I can get on T3 as well. These are my thyroid labs

Tsh 3.21 mIu/L (0.24-4)
Free T4 14.3 pmol/L (10-25)
Free T3 5.5 pmol/L (3.5-6.5)
Antibodies: negative
RT3 - will be getting the results some time this month hopefully

If you have compound pharmacy you can get it done.

DHT increases happen in both injections and creams. I’m trying to figure out what’s the difference.

Saw a guy state he got his DHT to spike
Without cream and the cream was less. Hurts my brain.

No hair issues at all. If one is prone to hair loss or is shedding hair it will only get worse.

I found cypionate also converts a good amount to DHT . T turns into DHT . So hairloss can occur either way.

Right. Transdermal tends to go more the DHT route and IM tends to go split to slightly more estrogens depending on liver.

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So Dr Mr Dr Mr Professor Rabbi Mr Dr Sir I have a question about TD delivery and conversion pathways.

If one was to apply a transdermal form of testosterone onto their nutsack or tallywacker, would this potentially skyrocket DHT concentration due to the high amt of 5 A-R2 expressed in said location?

As funny as this sounds (because it is), it’s a serious question with immature, crude slang added for comic effect. Also just to clarify I’m not personally doing this.


Got my RT3 Results. And they are decent 13.3. I just got a prescription for cytomel 5mcg as well, will be starting that tomorrow. so now I will by on 25mcg T4/ 5mcg T3. hope it works well.

Here are my recent labs. (prior to cytomel T3)

Tsh 3.21 mIu/L (0.24-4)
Free T4 14.3 pmol/L (10-25)
Free T3 5.5 pmol/L (3.5-6.5)
Antibodies : negative
RT3 - 13.3 (9-24)

New T labs: 9mg daily = 63mg a week IM. Labs were 28 hours since last injection

Total Testosterone: 536 ng/dl (230-835)
Free Testosterone: 592 pmol/L ( 175-700)
SHBG 16 nmol/L (10-55) Increased most likely due to 5mcg cytomel added, really happy about this
Estrogen 39 pg/ml (0-44) (non sensitive)
Cortisol am 442 nmol/L (170-500) higher than before
progesterone 1.1 nmol/L (0-0.5) High

Considering going to 6mg daily = 42 mg a week to get my free test just under 500 and hopefully my estrogen a lot lower. These labs were taken 28 hours from my last injection and on trough.

any advice?