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Dr. Monique Hartle - Powerlifter , A.R.T. practioner

To whom it may concern I just received my first ART treatment for a rotator cuff injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. Of all the carpal tunnel cases treated in their 5 yrs. of practicing ART only 2 required surgery & only then because the person waiting to long for treatment. Noticeable relief right away, will post further results. I decided to look for an ART center after reading so much about it in T-mag. I did a web search and found Drs. Michael and Monique Hartle (Allen County Family & Sports Chiropractic) in Ft. Wayne, IN about 1.5 hrs away. Get this, both are nationally ranked powerlifters! Mrs. Hartle placed 5th in her wt. class at the 2000 IPF Women’s World Powerlifting Championships. Both are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, so I got none of the usual Dr. advice ( don’t lift heavy, wts are bad etc.) Let me tell you ART treatments require a high finger/grip strength and this woman’s grip would embarass many men I know. Later! LW

I met Drs. Hartle at the lower extremity ART seminar last march. Quite a couple and great practioners. They actually worked on my dad who lives in the Ft. Wayne aera. I’m a PT, CSCS, ART practioner in INDY. Where you located?

Thanks LW! I live in Ft. Wayne, and always wondered if there were ART folks in town. How/what did you search to figure this out? T.E.

This gets better and better. The Hartles’ offices are 5 minutes from my house and from work!

Update on my treatment; today was my 2nd, nothing amazing but triggerpoints I’ve had for yrs are less painful. Monique did the treatment again today but seemed in a hurry. Probably because her husband Dr. Michael is stuck in Japan indefinitely. Seems all flights are canceled because of typhoon. He was over there as the US’ Team doctor and coach at the Men’s World Powerlifting Championships. Bill, I live about 9 miles north of Kokomo,IN. Where in Indy do you practice? I found Drs. Hartle by doing a web search for ART practioners closest to me. T.E., glad the info helped out. Tell them Lowell sent ya. I know they love referals. Oh, prices are about $100-200 for initial consultation and x-rays. $28 Chiropractic adjustment & $18 for the ART. Later! LW

I’m have a couple questions about ART, that I thought someone on the this tread might be able to answer. I was wondering if this type of therapy works with tendinitis? Also if any the ART practitioners on the board have been in contact with or trained by Dr. Keith Pyne, he is local to me and I’m considering inquiring about his services. Thanks.

Bill, you practice ART in Indy? I’m interested, where is your office located? I run two sports nutrition stores and would be interested in checking it out. Also have lots of other people that would be interested.
Thanks Mike

You can contact me via prperformance.com. Do I know you? It wouldn’t be Cutting Edge would it? By the way, I’m the only practioner in town credentialled in upper and lower extremity and spine so I should be able to help regardless of area of concern/dysfunction. I’m up in Carmel by the way. Happy to help if I can.

Troy…ART does wonders for most “itis”. A lot of times its not the tendon that is the problem, only the result of the underlying cause which is usually some form of overuse syndrome which results in adhesions/fibrosis in the muscle tissue. Once the adhesions are removed via ART, the symptoms resolve, contractility of the muscle improves as does strength. BTW, Dr. Leahy worked on Milos Sarcev who was told by multiple Drs that he needed surgery. Needless to say, after ART he did not need surgery and went back to normal training. Go see Dr. Pyne.