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Dr Michael Colgan

I’ve just finished reading Optimum Sports Nutrition by Dr Michael Colgan. After flicking through a section about glutamine i noticed he recommends using Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate instead of glutamine because of the Ammonia build up he also says Glutamine is not used with catabolic patients because it adds to their ammonia burden and jepardizea recovery. Can anyone clear up this matter for me and explain please?

My cynical guess is that he was trying to hock these ingredients for Twinlabs. He writes what amounts to “advertorials” for those guys in Musclemag. At the time I think the book was a big step forward for the industry. But,looking back I think there’s a little more advertising going on in that book than should be acceptable. Does anyone else agree/disagree?

I agree. Back in 94’, Colgan’s book was the quasi bible on sports nutrition and supplementation. Many athlete’s such as myself followed many of his recommendations with only moderate success. His OKG recommendations were erroneous at best, although Dave Palumbo thinks Colgan was right when it came to his
OKG recommendations.

I think OKG will definitely work better than Glutamine if, and its a big if, you can afford the optimum dosage. Unless you have money to burn and can afford 10 grams a day or more I’d skip it.

thanks for all who replyed to question. So i take it plain glutamine is ok to take? and would you use glutamine peptides so more is absorbed? bit rusty on this area am i being too picky? can glutamine be added to protein powders and be absorbed or do you have to use the peptides instead?