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Dr. Lowery PT

Every Friday night I stay awake for about 23 hours straight because I go right from one job to the next.

My question is this: Should I up my total caloric intake that day or should I keep the same total and divide it up over more meals?

My job is as a bouncer so it can get pretty “active.”

Hey Robert,
I think you saw my reply in the Prime Time thread but here it is again, just in case.

I think you’re in uncharted territory…

On one hand, kcal needs would be higher since there’s no sleep/ down time when the metabolism normally drops (10% or so).

On the other hand, sleep deprivation messes with a person’s ability to metabolize carbs well and send the normal hormonal swings (“diurnal rhythms”) into disarray. (I sent an article to TC on this in early August, I believe.)

I’m totally guessing here but focusing a bit more on healthy fats (olive oil, etc.) may be helpful to supply calories even in the face of some relative glucose intolerance. To keep energy up, though, I personally might take in some carbs around the time of “activity”. Protein is basically always present with meals, so that’s no mystery. These are just generalities, I realize.

I can’t give any direct advice - not just for my usual liability and responsibility reasons but because I don’t think any research has addressed physique issues during sleep deprivation.