Dr. Lowery and Crystal Light

Good article by Dr. Lonnie Lowery. If you read this, can you tell me if Crystal Light is a Frankenfood too? I’d list the ingredients but I’m all out. A true sign of my Crystal Light addiction.

Also, does artificial sweetener cause an insulin response? I’ve read mixed opinions on this. Thanks for any information!

Yeah, it’s a frankenfood. Nutrasweet has aspartame in it, if I’m not mistaken.

I’d ditch it.

Does Lowrie have any actual evidence when it comes to aspartame? Seems like we’re just throwing the myth around…



Can’t speak for Dr. Lowery, but the general rule of thumb I follow is if I don’t NEED it and it’s not natural, then it doesn’t go in my mouth (or any other oriface, for that matter. No more jelly beans up the nose for morg.). :slight_smile:

I still don’t get why people feel they need artificial sweetners, anyway. If you want something sweet, workout, and then treat yourself to something sweet :slight_smile: Otherwise, stop being a wuss :slight_smile:

Unless I missed it, LL never said aspartame was flat out bad. He just said he’d prefer sucralose as an artifical sweetener after using aspartame for a long time.

I don’t see a problem with it. I pretty much have at least a little Crystal Light in all my water and it certainly hasn’t hurt my progress.

The liquid prebottled crystal light is made with Splenda (sucralose).

Diet Rite/Diet RC is also.

Just an FYI for anyone that wanted to cut back on the Nutrasweet.


The problem I have with that kind of reply is that I’m sure goldberg could say “I eat McDonalds and it doesn’t hurt my progress.”

That’s a poor comparison. McDonald’s to Crystal Light?

How do you think it would hurt progress? Do you think it hinders fat loss or muscle gain? Based on my level of progression and development these days, I would emphatically disagree.

aspartame is made of phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. at first they said that those two amino acids acted the same as when naturally in foods, but some researchers are claiming that aspartame causes the 2 amino acids to flood into the bloodstream after consumption in soda, (its most likely from carbination. if anyone has links to studies, i’d appreciate it. i’ve only seen articles here and there so far with no numbers). plus, certain amounts of methanol is poisinous. i just say screw to making everything sweet. i’m not four, i can handle the taste of real foods.


I will not disagree that you have quite a well developed physique (at least your legs and back are awesome…that’s all I’ve seen).

The point being that there are people out there that can develope AWESOME physiques while eating absolute junk. And just because eating McDonalds doesn’t hurt THEIR progress, this does not mean that it will not hurt others. I knew this kid in high school that had an awesome physique, yet he ate crap all the time. Does that mean I could get away with the same? No.

I’m not saying that you will see improved gains with leaving out nutrasweet. Is it possible? Sure. But just to say that it’s fine based on whether or not it has hurt your progress is not reliable information, given the example above.

But I would absolutely agree that something like nutrasweet is minute compared to far more important aspects of diet.

Your friend,

I see what you’re saying but I don’t feel a comparison to junk food is a good one. The fact that those eating habits CAN hurt one’s progress is obvious. Sure, some people may be able to make gains, stay lean, etc. eating junk, but the vast majority cannot and this isn’t too hard to believe.

However, aspartame and Crystal light? The link b/w that and lack of progress is very hard to see. In the former case, you have an issue of calories, etc. What is the issue with Crystal Light and aspartame consumption?