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Dr. Lorraine Day - such an idiot

Today my mom brought home a video from the library by Dr. Lorraine Day (the no meat, no dairy, no fat, no just about anything, guru). I watched the movie with my mom for about 15 minutes before I had to leave the room. I thought I was going to have to scream insanely at the stupid comments she made about not eating meat and dairy. Sure she had numerous studies that she talked about, but the most retarded comments she made sounded like things she was saying without proof. The thing that ticked me off the most was when she said, “the protein in dairy and meat is bad”. What the hell is that?! So where the hell am I supposed to get my protein? Soy? Sorry if I’m venting, but when people make utterly ridiculous remarks like this and sell their ideas to millions (okay, maybe I’m exagerating)… thousands of people, it always rubs me the wrong way. Anyhow, I will force myself to stop ranting right now and let the rest of you guys laugh at the stupidity of this broad.


Jon, how old are you? If your mom refuses to acknowledge the diet program you want to go on, then get the hell out of the house.

I don’t know about meat, but the protein in cows milk is indeed bad! I did a report on this subject not to long ago. Essentially, bovine protiens from milk cause an immune system response from your body, essentially weakening your immune system over time. There are many books you can check out about the horrors of cow’s milk. The dairy industry is a billion dollar industury, and that’s pretty much the only reason you don’t hear about all of milk’s bad effects. I recall a doctor stating that milk is “…the worst vechicle for calcuim and protien imaginable.”

I’m tired of the ‘milk is evil’ nonsense. Back it up with repeatable, controlled studies and physiological mechanisms, or stop making abstract statements about its dangers :slight_smile:

Thank you…

If protein from cows milk is bad, what do you use as your protein sources?

My dad’s been following a bodyopus sort of diet since last summer & has lost a ton (well not literally) & my mom still says is bullshit, even though my dad is living proof that it works. She says that just because it wasn’t a doctor who came up with it. I guess your mom is the same sort of way, she’ll believe whatever that stupid lady says just because she’s a doctor.

4 or 5 years ago before either I or my husband started working out we were on a search for what was “healthy”. We were given a video by Dr Loraine Day and got scared enough to follow it for a while. Wanna know what happened? My hair started falling out and my husband’s fingernails (normally strong as iron) started flaking off. So much for her saying we get all the protein we need from a moderate consumption of veggies. I’m glad she managed to cure herself from cancer, but her diet was anything but healthy for us. She does have a talent for scaring the %$&* out of you though.

Hey whats up get your mom to come and read this…i have a degree in nutrition…for starters she needs to know the following…

Nutrition tips and some plain old tips for ignorant:

  1. If it sounds to good to be true…then it usually is.

  2. Companys make up references or can make sure research evidence comes up in their favor by tampering with the research that they pay for.
    Usually if the company funded the research you need to raise your eye brow.sketchy ya know

3.Kay the basics…Protein is whats needed to rebuild tissue that is broken down throughout the day regardless if you workout or not. People need protein.

  1. Vegetables are poor choices of protein because they are something called INCOMPLETE PROTEIN…this means that they do not have the required amino acids to form a complete protein. Meats, eggs, fish, etc. are all complete proteins. If you do eat incomplete proteins like most vegetarians then you need to combine them with other incomplete vegetables to make them complete…example red beans and rice.

  2. Another thing about vegetable protein.There is something called protein-digestibility- corrected amino acid score - this is the measure of protein quality assessed by comparing the amino acid balance of a food protein with the amino acid requirements of preschool-aged children and then correcting for the true digestibility of the protein; recommended by the FAO/WHO and used to establish protein quality of foods for daily value percentages on food labels.

Here is the chart from my book and ranking
Casein (milk protein) - 1.00
egg white - 1.00
soybean - .99
beef - .92
pea flour - .69
kidney beans - .68
chick peas - .66
pinto beans - .63
rolled oats - .57
lentils - .52
peanut meal - .52
whole wheat - .40

this shows that vegetables do not score high in being digested…for pinto bean for example if you ate enough pinto beans to equal out taking in 10 grams of protein…then you would only digest 63% of this…so you would really just get 6 grams of protein…instead of 10 grams…

Anyways tell your mom or let her read this...that for someone her age you would think she would have more common sense by now...anything you get from an infomercial is crap...and most people out their are misinformed direct her here this is the best place to learn about training and nutrition...but the main thing i tell so many LAZY people is to go pick up a book read it then pick up another book and read it...then continue...i mean you have to educate yourself ya know...and people who dont well F#$K them they are lazy and can suffer from their lazyness and dont ever let me hear someone tell me that they dont have time...thats BS...i know nurses who work 12 hours shifts get off work and hit the gym HARD...and have kids...so you gotta manage your time...sorry i am venting now...i feel your pain...i hope your mom learns something(correct) through this...good luck