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Dr. Judd's Article in April PLUSA.

Judd Biasiotto wrote on article about Color Therapy the April PLUSA.

It’s very interesting, he discussed the practice of painting visiting teams locker rooms pink.

He also claimed Yellow light can increase your strength to 30 empirical units…whatever the that means.

Did anyone else read this?

Whaddya think?

I’m gonna try the yellow light thing. It can’t hurt.

Hey, if the yellow light works for Superman, why not us too?

Really though, back in middle school I heard something about wearing yellow clothes on test days to perform better. I never tried it, it sounds pretty hokey.

Dr. Judd’s articles have become hilarious lately b/c he prints all his hate mail word for word (if the guy writes “Dr. Judd is a c— s—ing f----t with gay hair” he’ll print it!) and then he answers his “critics” in a very proper “high road” manner. It’s the best part of the magazine b/c its so bizarre.

Here he is ----> *

Here is his rocker —> &

[quote]RickJames wrote:
Here he is ----> *

Here is his rocker —> &[/quote]

lol. That’s great. I never thought of an asterik sitting on an ampersand. Genious.