Dr. John's Chili Recipe?'s

I’m talking about the recipe John Berardi talked about in Lucky 13, i believe it’s also found in Gourmet Nutrition.

I don’t live in the States so we don’t have V8 vegetable juice, so, can i replace it with something else in the recipe?

Also, how much cashew meal is needed for the recipe? Can i replace cashew nuts with plain peanuts?

I really want to try this recipe but these are the missing parts…


First off…Let me just say that the screen name you are using is my nickname around the work place, kind of made me chuckle when I read it.

I think the gist of the Jons Chile is that its a bulk-recipe for high-protein chile. Just make a good tasting chile and add a shitload of lean beef to it and you’ll have created your own chile!

You could use tomato juice or any vegetable juice instead, or any combination of the two. You’ll need to at least double the spices to keep it spicy enough.

Stick with the cashew meal if possible - I don’t think peanuts would taste too good. It only took about a 1/4-1/3 cup of cashews.

His chili recipie rocks.

I made a few changes, though.

I took out the garlic because my roommate said I smelled like it constantly. I was too lazy to grind up cashews so I just put them in whole - (1) 16oz can of cashews. (1) onion instead of two, (2) pepers instead of three, and 1.5bottles of V8 juice instead of two.

Also, get the biggest fucking pot you can find. I bought an 8quart pot and I really wish it was bigger.

After you’ve spent half an eternity chopping everything up and it’s cooking in the pot, let it boil for a while. Makes it taste much better.

I had a follow up question to this… is cashew meal just finely chopped up cashews? I can only assume it is because the lady at the store looked at me like I was speaking Spanish…

Thanks for everyone’s response,

Lonnie, i can see where you’re coming from, i kinda played around with the name myself:)

Is V8 like thick juice, or is it like any other regular juice, just plain fluid?


Its definitely not like soda, but it isnt a milkshake. It’s just a bunch of pureed veggies. You can find the ingredients in it at the grocery and just puree them I would imagine.

i tried the recipe the other day…
couldn’t find anything close to a veggie juice so i bought crushed tomatoes… dropped the garlic also, and since i dont have a machine i could use to grind the cashews, just threw them in the mix.
I also halved the portions cause my wok pan isn’t big enough… the result was ok, though i wish i had seasoned it better… what do you think, if i lose teh carrots, how much would it affect the nutrional value of the recipe?

Cashew Meal?

Anybody have any idea how much cashew meal is required for this recipe?

This is some great stuff.Thanks!