Dr. John Jaquish: Why Weight lifting is a Waste of Time

“Can you become successful in fitness by following the standard fitness recommendations of the last 75 years? Biomedical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish doesn’t think so and demonstrates the reasons why standard fitness does not work for almost 99% of the population. He explains how making some major changes in how we load the body can provide us the same or similar opportunity for the level of physical growth that most professional athletes enjoy.”

7:20 MARK. Where it begins.

I seem to recall this is the guy selling static hold equipment?

No, the X3 Elite band system.

Nautilus used variable resistance with the cam.
Sisco overloaded the strongest range position of a static contraction.
Many have used bands and chains.

Are any of these methods clearly superior as regards results? In over 50 years of training, I have not seen such! YMMV!