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Dr. John Crisler Has Passed

Terrible news.

As a patient of his, it is very sad and quite alarming as it took me several years to find him. I’m finally feeling great. I’m sure all his patients feel this same way.

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Very sad news.

Sounds like heart issues. Way too much of that.

I almost picked him as my doc. Very unfortunate.

May he Rest In Peace.

Some of you may not know but Dr Crisler suffered complications a couple of years ago and once he realized what was happening, he started chest compressions to keep his heart beating until help could arrive, I believe he extended his life and had borrowed some extra time.

Sometimes people just pass away and it’s no fault of their own, it was just his time.

He will be missed!

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Well said

I heard him say that in one of the videos. I believe he used a chair to compress his chest. Amazing. And he knew what side of the heart needed it because of how his heart attack started

Most people would has passed not knowing what to do or what was going on.

Very sad,

I learned a lot from watching this video and Crisler seems like a true pioneer and a bold man.

The AI issue seems to run central to this video with Dr. Crisler coming around after much reluctance to the “no AI” school of thought.

I tried to search the web for this information but does anyone know how old Dr. Crisler was?

Again, from the video, seems like a strong guy and a good guy.

His website says 60 yrs old young.

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In his video he said had a Stent put in when he had the heart attack. So that means he had a blockage?

I wonder if maybe this is a testament to those on TRT to maybe not push too hard near your 60s. Just because TRT gives you the ability it may not be smart to over due it after a certain age.

My brother in law must take blood thinners for life do to a stent that broke loose, he almost died.

I don’t know that you can say exactly what the lesson is here or that there even is one. From what his peers were saying he had come around just recently to the school of thought that AI’s should be avoided and that higher estrogen is not necessarily a bad thing. That is something I’m thinking about today a lot. That maybe the bodies natural means of creating estrogen from testosterone should not be artificially modified just so T levels can be pushed a little higher.

I don’t think anything I’ve read on this board could have driven this idea home harder than this man’s death. It has me rethinking everything to be honest.

I look at Sylvester Stallone who is 72 and still going strong and think maybe it’s just genetics.

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I am tapering off my AI per urologist orders. Had no idea an ai could kill you long term. :confused:

Genetics and money helps. Spend until you find the right treatment.

Are you going to adjust your protocol lower as well? I’m thinking I may do both of these things I don’t know what my levels are right now but I just want enough T in my veins to want to bone my wife and maintain a little lean muscle mass.

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Tot revolution is alll about no ai . I still don’t get how over the top estrogen is good or should t brought down.

Maybe too high e2 is an indicator saying lower the T dude. I can’t handle this much.

Instead of “ah stop the process”…

Thus after 6 weeks or more we wait and see what the body does?

Lower t with high E is what im reading is bad. Honestly I think that if you can find the sweet spot but keep your natural need to conversion at a decent level then you’re fine. The male body was never meant to entertain superhuman levels of testosterone.

The roundtable of experts in that video freely admitted that they may look back in 10 years and laugh at conventional wisdom now. I think it’s possible you are exactly right, that TRT is best not done as a balancing act with multiple variables and maybe letting natural estrogen production serve as a guide as to how high the dose should go. That seems more like “replacement” to me and less like body hacking.