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Dr. John Berardi Interview Podcast

Dr. John Berardi came on The FitCast this week to help us celebrate our 100th episode. In the interview JB talked about specializing ones nutrition for their genetics, g-flux, hydration and more.

You can grab the mp3 here: TheFitCast.com

Thanks to all of the T-Nation guys for supporting the show for 100 episodes!


Great episode!

Very nice, I’m DLing it now. Gonna listen to it later tonight.

Thank you for posting that! I’ve never listened to the show before but I am now. I only listened to about 15 minutes worth but will finish tomorrow…really good info and it’s nice to listen for once instead of always reading words on paper.

Cool interview, I liked the bit about the chocolate milk.

JB is a great interviewee. Very professional and easy to listen to.

Enough that my parents, who usually need something repeated 47 times, can understand what he’s saying.

Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

One question: which company is JB referring to that made that study on his personality? I’m very interested to hear that assessment.