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Dr John Berardi in Ottawa, Ontario

Hey everyone,

I'd like to let you know that JB will be in Ottawa for a 2 day seminar, November 11th and 12th. Do not miss the occasion to meet the nutrition guru. Contact me ASAP to reserve a seat as they tend to go very fast!!

To contact me, PM me.

Hello Id love to go to his seminar, if you could book me a seat and give me more info that would be great thanks.


Yep, the rumor is true!

Hope to see many of you there!


woohoo PM sent

[quote]JailBa8 wrote:
woohoo PM sent[/quote]

Great! Just how many Ottawa T-nationers are there?

I’m in ottawa. There are a few of us who are interested in the seminar already.

Let me know when more info is available so I can start pitching it to my friends.

[quote]John M Berardi wrote:
JailBa8 wrote:
woohoo PM sent

Great! Just how many Ottawa T-nationers are there?


I live 10 minutes out, I definatly want to go and I got a buddy from Quebec city (about 5 hours out) who is interested and he’s a bit of a celebrity, but I have to keep his name tight lipped.

About 4 weeks to go…

Have you reserved yet?

3 weeks left…

Seats are filling fast.

Only 2 days to get the early registration discount!!!

how much is the student discount?


Tomorrow’s the day. It’s still not too late.

You can check out


The seminar was phenomenal.
Thanks JB, Jonathan for putting this whole thing together. Chris and Amanda for beeing great models.

Lots of great info,

Right now is 2:30pm on Sunday, and I’m on my way to the gym to top off the G-Flux.


Thakn you Jon Labelle for making this happen.

John Berardi’s seminar was nothing short of fantastic. I hope he forgives me with bombarding him with Questions. I might as well abuse him while he was in town.

Day 2 was particularily what I was looking for from this seminar and I took home some new tools I really needed to enhance my performance. As it stands I’m one of the top strongmen in Canada, no doubt this will give me a better edge against my competitors. Precision Nutrition was on sale dirt cheap at $80 canadian!