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Dr. Jack Barnathan

Just thought I’d fill you guys in on a seminar I went to this Saturday with “Dr. Strength”, Jack Barnathan. He’s an instructor with the ISSA and I paid the $210 on the word of two fellow trainers who had him for their cert. seminar and were sold on this great “strength” seminar he was pitching. Tickets to the Night of Champions were included so I said what the hell. Not to waste anymore of your time I’ll get to the point. His seminar was total garbage. He preached stability ball squats against the wall as the best way to teach squats to beginners and the crunch as the best core exercise. He knew absolutely nothing and taught it well. I would have made you guys proud as during the breaks I held a mini-seminar of my own in the halls with half a dozen guys, expounding upon all my T-Mag knowledge, wearing my Testosterone Shirt and all. He is a charismatic BS artist and made me ashamed of my ISSA cert for the first time. Just wanted to give you guys the lowdown. And by the way, 1.Orville Burke, 2. Dexter Jackson, 3. Tom Prince, 4. Pavel Jablonicky, 5. Mike Matterazzo.

I am also issa certified I may have even been in your group a few months ago next
to penn station.I am also ace,nahf, and currently doing “acsm” They all preach different things probably for bussiness etc.
We all know that.Through extensive reading(brother my eyes are tired) I have come to a conclusion that nobody knows
everything even doctors.Health care is big
business would’nt you buy everlasting health if
it was offered to you?Nobody knows you like you do, all you can do is expand your knowledge by listening and being smart enough to decifer it for yourself and remember what doesn’t work for you might for someone else and continue your learning so you will know when someone is bsing you.I think the god “arnold sh…” is full
of shit all juiced up on roids and promoting
the pres. council of fitness…Whatever! Does planet hollwood fill your nutritional needs?I didn’t think so