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Dr. Eric Serranos Creatine Cycle

I am seeking any feedback on Dr. Eric Serrano’s Creatine Cyle. Has the program been succesful/unsuccesful and if any modificaitons to the program?

If you’re talking about the one listed in t-mag from way back, no, I didn’t seem to get much out of it. I do better just staying on Ribose-C all the time- 6g of creatine on training days, 3g on non-training day. I’m thinking of using a plain powdered creatine on non-training days and saving Ribose-C for training days only, however. No need for ribose on off days, IMO.

How are your results with Ribose C? I have yet to use it because of price. I estimate that a bottle will only last 2 weeks. Not sure I want to spend $70 every 6 weeks for creatine! - Matt

I’ve had good results with Ribose-C. It’s expensive, but remember you’re paying for ribose too, not just creatine. Also, there’s no need to load the creatine. I do just as well without all the loading business- maybe that’s the delivery system Biotest uses or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. BTW, you can really feel the difference the ribose makes when going heavy like with the 1-6 program at t-mag.

Do you cycle your use of Ribose C or use it all the time? - Matt

I usually alternate between diet phases and mass phases, like I’ll do the “Get Big Diet” then get on the T-Dawg for a while. I use Ribose-C only during the mass phases. Then I use Methoxy-7 during the diet phases. Works great, saves money verses using everything at once.

I heard someone over at Ian Kings site said they gained 11lbs on Dr. Serrano’s creatine cycle in a short period of time. It was someone writing to Dr Serrano in Ians Between Sets newsletter. The man is remarkable, wish there was more to read by him besides from Peakhealth and Bev International site. He’s supposed to be writing a nutrition book soon, I can’t wait. But for now I’m using Di Pasquale’s book, Metabolic and Anabolic Diet. anyway, he also has a recommendation for BCAA’s before and after training, helped a pro hockey player put on 16lbs in 12 weeks, check out Poliquins site and his latest article, it’s at the end of the article. Hope that helps.

Thanks to Flex 69 and Tek for your input.

PowerDude - sorry I didn’t answer your question! I don’t have experience with Dr. Serrano’s cycle but I saw TEK talking about Ribose C (which I am thinking about ordering) and had a few questions. Good luck with the cycle and post your findings for the board to learn from! - Matt

No problem. I have actually thought about the Ribose question myself. I have wanted to try Serrano’s cycle for awhile and I hear a lot of praise about him. Besides he does reside in Columbus, Ohio…which in one hell of a lifting town.
I started the cycle yesterday. I really want to get back on Tribex quick but I want to see what effects the cycle has over four weeks to determine it’s value. The only problem is I have a meet coming up in six weeks and I always like to use Tribex before a meet. I will evaluate end of next week to see if the loading phase made a difference.

I did Dr. Serrano’s creatine cycle and gained a large amount of weight (water + muscle). There are many other factors contributing to this (my first creatine cycle, i hadn’t been weightlighting long), but I gained about 20 pounds over eight weeks. It sounds ridiculous, but I went from about 170 to around 190. FYI, I’m 18 years old now ( another reason that I probably responded so well) and I follow most of Ian King’s work.

Powerdude, definately give the Eric Serrano creatine super cycle a try - I gained 11 pounds which was cool (although I have since lost it all through poor nutritional habits - and I mean poor). Remember to take 4 weeks off at the end though and then start all over again (which I didn’t).

Charles P. creatine recommendation was
0.44 grams per kilogram of bodyweight during the loading phase and half that amount for maintainence.
This works out to be 40 grams per day (loading) and 20 grams per day (maint.) for a 200-lb guy…

Whats the addy to the Ian King website ?